Wednesday, May 3

Im moved in, settling and we are excited!

How are ya Fam?

I wanted to post a brief blog about the success of our move, well let me tell you that it was a complete success, if you have been following my prior posting you know that this past weekned was a busy weekend for us all! The drive into NY on Friday was successful, I droped the kids off and picked up my Sister, Brother in Law, Uncles, and cousin. We got back to RI around midnight, and I went to sleep around 4:30am, last minute details you know! During this time My sister in Law Teresa was already in RI helping my Wife with last minute packing, and they did a great job, this had to be one of the most successful moves we have done in 5 yrs, and we have moved quite a few times already!

Anyways, we had a friend, Jerry from RI come out to help, he was such a blessing, he took his day off, away from his kids and wife to help us, we are grateful to him, and we ask God to bless him and his family abundantly, actually that is our desire and request for all those who helped us out that day!

We started by 9am or so, we fully completed everything, and were on our way by 1pm. Arrived at NY by 4pm and were done by 5:30-6pm. We had another uncle come out to help us, when we arrived. My boy Tom came by with his wife Fann, and they were soooo helpful too! We truly thank God for them, and eveybody that came to gives us a helping hand! My Brother in law, Eddie, and My other Boy Chin came by, we were overwhelmed by the Love and help we received that day! We know thatwe are blessed and God gets all the glory for that!!
I want to acknowledge eveyone that helped by name! Teresa, thank you for taking time off to help us out, you were a crucial help in our preps! We hope God blesses your ministry, continue the good work and seek! My sister Alicia and her husband John, You guys are soooo awesome, we ask for an overwhelming outpour on your future and STEP OUT, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! My Uncle Will and Carlos, and my Cousin Sergio you guys were definitely heaven sent and we love you guys and ask God to bless you all abundantly, we had a great time, laughing, ordering and hauling each other around!! Thank you, we couldn't have done it without you guys!! Alicia, John we are here to help you when you guys move to Mia!! Jerry, we love you and your family, keep in touch and we hope to see ya soon!

Tom, Fanny I honestly didn't expect ya, you know fanny I thought Tom was pulling my leg when he said he was going to be there!! Tom, Lets win them souls for Christ, we in here and we cant be stopped, All for the Glory and magnification of the Kingdom of CHRIST our Rock! Lets get them ideas rollling!

Eddie, Thanks for coming by, and Hey the effort is worth far more than a No Show! Thank you, may God bless you and your Family! Thank you Glenys for letting your hubby step away and help us out!!

Chin, Thank you for putting the bed together along with Eddie, It doesn't Sqeak guys, Hmm!! Yo, Jesus is gonna bless you and yours, lets fellowship fam!

Lastly and not least, for sure! Mom thank you for cleaning our apartment we could not have done it without you and we are so grateful for that. You did a great job, and we pray for you daily! Thank you for the home cooked meal that Iwas so against you preparing! It was the best!! We all loved it, hey everybody My mom is the best cook in the world!

Lala Y Lolo gracias por cuidar nuestro hijos, ellos no podian estar en mejores manos!! Muchas Gracias!! Q'Dios los bendigan!

Lydia, I know you were working, we missed you, but thanks for the help on Sunday!

Junior, Thank you, and dont forget what I said, I mean it, and take advantage of me, Im here for your support!

Lynnette, Thank you we love and you were so helpful, we thank Jesus for you, we Hope you have a great Birthday, and a blessed life!

Sadid, yo se q'usted no estaba en condiciones para alludar, pero si fue alluda, y Gracias!

Lastly, and surely not the least for real, for real.
To my wife, Carmen, we did it, and I have to acknowledge all the hard work you put in, Babe you were awesome, and diligent. God has a huge reward for, which in turn blesses me too! Babe, keep the faith and know that God is faithful, graceful and merciful. He is our strength intimes of need, and He is our sustainer, without him we are NOTHING! Remember in heaven we have crowns that are fitted!! Fitted with Gems, precious stones and jewels on them! Babe you are a diamond in the making!!!

If I missed anyone, sorry, I meant to put you right here in this section.

I just wanted to say that


WE are here for you all!

Hey lets win them souls for ya who know what I mean, the rest of ya keep grinding but remember He rules!!

Jesus Loves ya all!

One Les, and fam!!


Anonymous said...

Thats great man! Sounds like a great move, we gotta link up.... Funny thing is my sister moved too and I was moving Saturday, Sunday and even monday morning... I am sore lol

Lets link up bro


Alicia said...

Hey Les: You mispelled alluda, it's ayuda. lol. Your welcome it was our pleasure, we're happy to have you guy's back and we had alot of fun in the process!!!!

Teresa said...

You know your words encourage me so much and its like i can hear the joy in your heart through this letter. I am so excited to have my family close to me again. I see the joy even in my nephew and niece being around family and they have so many here. I thank the Lord that His mission for you guys in RI has been completed. As we see God timing is perfect. And its so crazy Les people like us with crazy pass God brings us to our desert to heal and help us to get closer to Him. Mine was to SC and you guys was to RI it was your desert and SC was mine. But deserts are the best because God meets us there and gets rid of the things that hinder. I am more than sure you and Carmen have all your stories of all that God did. And its only now you can see it. Its hard to see what God is doing when we are walking through the bridge especially when its just you and God. Somes bridges are deserts some are joyful but they all end because there is always another bridge to cross. I love you guys like crazy. Soul winning I am right there with you. So many people need a touch from the Lord almighty and that is why God is so merciful that He molds us into His image because its all about the soul winning. To make heaven bigger and hell smaller. We must work together to plant seeds in some lifes to water in others so God can grow them.

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