Saturday, December 4


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A couple of friends ask me where to get these projects, so I decided to post all the download links in one post. Just click on the Highlighted Neon Green for the download!

Wes Pendleton "The Paste Up"

First up is Wes Pendleton's "The Paste Up" an awesome project, doctrinally sound and tight beats and production!

Link Here >>>Wes Pendleton ~ The Paste Up!!!

B3AR Fruit "Fruit Cocktail"

Second up is B3ar Fruit Compilation "Fruit Cockatail" This right here is a very tight project, features Trip Lee, Steven The Levite, Mark Arthur, C-Lite, Phanatik & Many More, definitely worth the Download! Sound Doctrinally!!!
Link Here >>>B3ar Fruit ~ Fruit Cocktail -B3ar Fruit Compilation

Bizzle & P.Dub "Best of Both Worlds"

Third up is a dude that made much headlines across the internet -Bizzle, with some controversial topics, featured on many Sucular Hip Hop sites, dropped a couple of Mixtapes, this right here is a colaboration effort Bizzle & P.Dub (aka Pretty Ricky) this is a good hear, good lyrics, Good Flow & Good tunes, its definitely worth the download.
Link Here >>>Bizzle & P. Dub ~ Best of Both Worlds

Enjoy, I hope this blesses anybody that cops these projects, remember All Free Downloads!!!

Link Here >>>Bizzle "The Messenger" First Mixtape by Bizzle, there is also "The Messenger 2"
Link Here >>> "The Messenger 2"

Monday, October 18

B3AR FRUIT Clothing & The Forerunner by Stephen the Levite


Stephen the Levite's sophomore project "The Forerunner" will be coming out real soon, if you like theologically sound Christian Hip Hop then this project is definite cop!!! Preorder the EP here! They have a really good deal on a CD/T-Shirt bundle.

Matter of fact you purchase the EP NOW!!!

Peep this EPK video for Stephen the Levite!!!


I want to mention this new Novelty T-Shirt Line, I have the priviledge to have been blessed by a brother that will go un-named, he blessed me with one of these Tee's, very simple design and to the point, the name of the label is B3AR FRUIT! The idea behind the name is simple, Believers should be bearing fruit! This is a verse form the Bible pulled from their BLOG, "For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its fruit."

They only have two designs right now, but they are tight! This one is their second design, these shirts are limited editions:

This is the one I got, the one that set it off! Thank you brother, you know who you are, I really appreciate the gift!

C'Ya & remember "Bear Fruit." Pun intended!


Sunday, October 10

BackGround By Lecrae feat. C-Lite - Official Video

Awesome song and video from Lecrae's latest album REHAB. Go Cop it, it's FIRE!!!

Thats all for now folks... C'Ya

Saturday, October 2

Lecrae's REHAB Dropped Last Tuesday, Dope Album!!!

Lecrae's Album REHAB released on Tuesday of this week, the album is pretty tight. Diverse and topic wise it is just increble!! You can purchase the album at, (Digital MP3 or Physical CD), iTunes, and

Here's a video of my kids dancing (more like jumping hysterically) to one of the songs off of REHAB, this one is called "Use To Do It Too" featuring KB of HGA, who is now a Reach Records artist. See the article HERE, this is exciting news!! Enjoy and join the REHAB!!!

Tracklisting & Production Credits
1) Check In
Produced by PK for
Written by Lecrae Moore, Brian Taylor, Marlon Montgomery and Warren Harris

2) Killa
Produced by CheeseBeats aka “Tha Kracken” for LateBloom Productions
Vocal Arrangement CheeseBeats aka "Tha Kracken"
Additional Vocals by Natalie Sims
Written by Lecrae Moore, Natalie Sims and John Williams

3) Divine Intervention featuring J.R.
Produced by J.R. for So Hot Productions
Written by Lecrae Moore and Courtney Peebles

4) Just Like You featuring J. Paul
Produced by J.R. for So Hot Productions
Written by Lecrae Moore, J. Paul, Jacob "Biz" Morris, Jared Foster and Courtney Peebles

5) Gotta Know feat. Benjah
Produced by Benjah and Sky
Written by Lecrae Moore, Benjamin LeRoy Thom and Justin Boller
Additional Vocals by Haley Hunt

6) Used to Do it Too featuring KB
Produced by PK for
Written by Lecrae Moore, Kevin Elijah Burgess, Brian Taylor, Marlon Montgomery and Warren Harris
Additional Vocals by PK

7) Children of the Light featuring Sonny Sandoval and Dillavou
Produced by Benjah
Written by Lecrae Moore, Sonny Sandoval, Justin Dillavou and Benjamin LeRoy Thom
Additional Vocals by Benjah

8) High featuring Sho Baraka and Suzy Rock
Produced by CheeseBeats aka “Tha Kracken” for LateBloom Productions
Written by Lecrae Moore, Amisho Lewis, and John Williams

9) New Shalom featuring PRo
Produced by Street Symphony
Written by Lecrae Moore, Derek Johnson and Torrance Esmond

10) 40 Deep featuring Trip Lee and Tedashii
Produced by CheeseBeats aka “Tha Kracken” for LateBloom Productions
Written by Lecrae Moore, William Barefield, Tedashii Anderson and John Williams

11) Walking on Water
Produced by PK for
Written by Lecrae Moore, Tina Fears, Brian Taylor, Marlon Montgomery and Warren Harris
Additional Vocals by Tina Fears

12) God Is Enough featuring Jai, Flame
Produced by Kajmir Royale
Written by Lecrae Moore, Jai Williams, Marcus Gray and Abraham Gaskin

13) Boasting featuring Anthony Evans
Produced by CheeseBeats aka “Tha Kracken” for LateBloom Productions
Written by Lecrae Moore, Chris Lee Cobbins and John Williams

14) Background featuring C-Lite
Produced by Alex Medina, G.Roc for Beat Mekanicz Productions, LLC and Joseph Prielozny
Written by Lecrae Moore, Andy Mineo, Alex Medina, George Ramirez and Joseph Prielozny

15) New Reality featuring Chinua Hawk
Produced by G.P. For Dvine Muzic/New D ENT/Preacher Boy Music
Written by Lecrae Moore and Steven Abramsamadu

16) Release Date featuring Chris Lee
Produced by CheeseBeats aka “Tha Kracken” for LateBloom Productions
Additional Vocal Arrangement CheeseBeats aka "Tha Kracken"
Written by Lecrae Moore, Chris Lee Cobbins and John Williams

17) BONUS TRACK: I Love You featuring Chris Lee
Produced by Kajmir Royale
Written by Lecrae Moore, Chris Lee Cobbins and Abraham Gaskin

C'Ya Soon!

Saturday, September 18

Today, Im on a RANT...I been pretty good lately, however...

Lately, my lastest postings have been about Music, artists and more music...

Today, Im gonna segway a bit, check it, to "some" I been really good lately, staying away from judgmental and critical postings, that isn't really me folks! I believe that as Christians we are called to judge each other in love, that is if you are and call yourself a Christian. See I have lost a lot of friends to this thinking, which by the way is a Biblically sound TRUTH, I will reference the verse a lil later, just keep reading. Allow me to continue, see when you love someone and they are error, you correct them, that is if you truly love that person, this is the same principle God applies to us as his chosen and elected ones!

Last night I saw this "so called Christian" movie named "To Save a Life." This movie is/was so wishy washy it is soooo sad to watch, granted there were valid and "real" situations in the movie, the liberty the writers/producers took to portray Christians and Christianity was and is extremely poor, terrible and absurd. Listen, what upsets me most is that I know Churches that operate in this manner, really. The Christian leadership portrayed in the movie was absolutely ridiculous, weak and comprimisers. Im not gonna get into details concerning the plot, I personally hate spoilers.

I will say the following, NO WHERE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE WAS THE GOSPEL EVER PRESENTED, NO WHERE!! Yes, Im shouting!!! This stuff frustrates me, see the changing power of GOD is in the Gospel, besides God Himself intervening, However the Word, the Bible is His Word, and ultimate authority. GOD WILL NEVER, step out his word and contradict Himself for the sake of saving people. NEVER, the Bible says that God is no liar, and therefore He will NEVER defy His WORD!! PERIOD, no ifs, ands or buts! Secondly, the name of Jesus was only mentioned ONCE! Uno, 1! Mind you, this is supposedly a Christian film, yet they did comprimise with other nonsense, I will not mention them, watch the movie and you will see what Im talking about.

I think that this movie can teach us something, that is those of us who are seriously serious about this walk. Being good isn't the way to God, we respond to God in obedience, not because we do good deeds, or the "right thing" that we will inherit eternal life, no that is a wrong motive for doing the right thing. You ought to do the right thing because it honors God and pleases Him! You see we aren't saved by works, your deeds don't make you a better person, or more "Saved." Your deeds don't even bring you closer to God, OBEDIENCE does! Honoring Him Does! Praying does! But these things don't keep us "Saved." There is nothing we can do to "keep" salvation or stay "Saved." NOTHING, NADA, NADA, NADA! Eternal life is a Gift from God, he Chooses us, His Amazing Grace is what is being demonstrated here, not because we "deserve" it. NOOOO, sorry, According to Scripture if it wasn't for God taking the first step towards us, we would never turn to HIM!!! NEVER!! We would never trust Him with our lives! We don't have that ability naturally, God has to initiate this within us, then we can turn to Him and Trust Him!

As the ESV Study Bible states in the notes for

John 6:44, No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.

No one can come to me means “no one is able to come to me” (Greek. dynamai means “to be able”). This implies that no human being in the world, on his own, has the moral and spiritual ability to come to Christ unless God the Father draws him, that is, gives him the desire and inclination to come and the ability to place trust in Christ!

I know this isn't easy for all to grasp, but this is Scripture, and I'm only pointing out one of the many verses that insinuate this concept, therefore TRUTH!

My point in all this? Trust that the Bible is sufficient and that people truly are saved when they place their trust in God, because He has begun a good thing in them. Not because of your wonderful presentation of what Christianity is about, or lack there of the Gospel, remember relentlessly Preach Christ and Him Crucified, for this is the Crux of our message, Preach the full Gospel, not just your testimony. Preach the full counsel of GOD!! Don't rely on yourself, if you do, then you might as well quit, cause you aren't winning people to you, you aren't making people "your" disciples, But Christ's Disciples! I was there, I once relied on my efforts to "win" some, don't get me wrong God is sovereign, he does as he pleases, and His GRACE abounds, but it sucks to rely on yourself, truthfully there really isn't any genuine fruit in it! False converts is what that creates, Rely on the MASTER, rely on the one who calls, and changes hearts, and brings people back from the DEAD!!

I was once dead, but thanks be to God, I am no longer on that path, Giod is hHis ultimate GRACE was merciful to me!

For those of you who say things such as "only God can judge me," here's that verse I mantioned that I was going to give you, here it goes:

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”
(1 Corinthians 5:12-13 ESV)

Thats the Word of God, not my words, what do you think? I will get back to you soon, maybe in the next few days!

So for now, go check out that garbage of a movie, and learn what not to do!


Coming soon: Are we to judge those in the Church? Or is it true that God can only judge me?

Thursday, September 9

Tuesday, September 7

Dope Video by Rhema Soul, Young Josh drops today, Go COP!!


Very vice video, great song...

Rhema Soul - Fly Away from Good City Music on Vimeo.


Thinking Out Loud
Drops Today Go Cop @ or iTunes.

Lecrae REHAB coming soon!


Friday, September 3

Im Excited, Young Josh Dropping next Tuesday, I have 2 NEW SINGLES, 1 from Lecrae & some oldies...

Young Josh

As I hear some of the tracks from Young Josh's New Album, I realize that this is going to be a solid project. I always liked Young Josh, but he has never really caught my attention to the point where I am looking forward to a full project from him. However, this is changing, as I heard the singles off the upcoming release "Thinking Out Loud" next Tuesday, September 7th, 2010, I am eagerly anticipating it. Check out the singles right here:

This one is Old Me!

This one is called HomeComing!

Here is Young Josh's Promo Video, hot stuff! "OLD ME"

You can pre-order or wait till Tuesday, but nonetheless, you can cop it at iTunes or


Okay, Now for some more exclusives. LECRAE dropped another single "Children of the Light" as you know, if you been following my blog, His project drops September 28, 2020. REHAB will available on iTunes,, and many other sites.

Here is the New Single "Children of the Light" feat Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.) and Dillavou (who appeared on BenJah's "Filtered" Album)


I suggest ya check out BenJah's Album Filtered, this came out month's ago, but it's a solid project, with soulfull reggae-ish sounds.

Here is the single off that project, featuring Dillavou it's called "FLY AWAY"


Ok, now for some off topic yet music talk, I was digging in the crates, I still have so much more to go thru, and I found so many oldies. I will be posting 2-3 songs per posting. Today (I got 4) I will posting some Corey Red, Street Disciple & ADF songs.

First up is a song exclusively for Frankie Cutlass Mixtape I, I think it was called Born Again, I dont remember the name of the song but it featured Corey Red and Street Disciple (who died from a heart attack early 2000's, he was nice) I hope you like it. (***Waiver: Whatever doctrine may be endorsed by the following songs aren't specifically my views, these were songs that I hold dear, for it was a very crucial time in my walk, I was just learning to walk, feeding on milk!***)



Next we got 3 songs from ADF, the first 2 was on Underground Counsel II, A Todd Bangz (Tre-Z) Production, this one is entitled STRIKE BACK, listen:

Also off of UCII, this one is called RENEWED:

Now, this one was a remix to a popular secular song from Fat Joe, original is entitled "Lean Back" but ADF remade it and called it "HE's BACK! It was pretty hot!

I hope ya enjoyed these Throw-Backs, I know I did!!
I have so much more, I will be posting some old Corey Red/Precise exclusives, with the oddest features on songs. Stay Tuned!

Until Next time, Cya! Cop that Young Josh and Lecrae!!

Thursday, September 2

Listen to Lecrae's New Single "Just Like You" from REHAB, dropping 9-28-2010

"JUST LIKE YOU" Lecrae featuring J.Paul you can purchase it @ iTunes. Hot song, really heartfelt, inspires me to be a better dad, which is challenging more often than not. Thank you Lecrae.

Hey, if you haven't seen my last post yet, check it out, but very briefly Lecrae's album dropping September 28, 2010, it's entitled "REHAB". You can preorder HERE! There are two singles available now, and some promo videos and so forth, just check my last posting all the details are there! If you want to see the promo video click the title for this post!

C'Ya soon!

Tuesday, August 31

Lecrae's REHAB Dropping REAL SOON!!!

Aight, REHAB is Lecrae's upcoming project, Dropping September 28, 2010, I got to hear the single today,It's entitled "HIGH" and I love it, the guest appearances on this song alone are banging, Sho Baraka and Suzy Rock!! You can listen to the song later in this posting, but right now check this video Promo for REHAB!!!

Besides the appearances already mentioned you also have Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D., Gospel Singer Anthony Evans, New Yorks own C-Lite (, J.R., BenJah, J. Paul, KB from HGA, Dillavou, FLAME, Jai, Chris Lee, & Chinua Hawk. Wow, thats a mouth full of guests, I personally believe that this is going to be an amazing Project!!

Here's the single "HIGH", check it out!! Press play, the triangle okay!

That joint is tight Right! So go support REACH RECORDS, GO COP REHAB on September 28, 2010, or Preorder HERE!!! In the meantime go cop Trip Lee's "Between Two Worlds" on iTunes HERE!!! That joint is a banger too!!

Here's a Trip Lee song for your listening pleasure, it's called
"No Worries"...

C'Ya Soon!!

Friday, August 27

LOGOS 4 for MAC... PC TOO!


Actually, Logos 4 Mac is “shipping” right now. We have a few more goodies to include, so we aren’t calling it “final” until October. Now is the time to buy. The sale is on now, the downloads are ready to go, and everyone who buys today will automatically get a free download of the final release version on October 1!


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Wednesday, August 4

Legacy Conference 2010 Recap! I really hoped to have been there, too bad, maybe next year!!

This video right here really puts a nice recap on Legacy Conference 2010 "Solus Christus".

Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Json, Shai Linne, Phanatik, Steven the Levite, PRo, K-Drama and many, many more. Wow, I know this conference must have been a blessing. Oh Well...

You name it, they were there!

Remember, Lecrae's album REHAB dropping September 28, 2010. It's gonna be FIRE!!


Tuesday, August 3

Lecrae's Album "Rehab" Coming September 28, 2010!!!

I aint gonna say much today, just this...

C' ya soon!

Saturday, June 19

Hooray!! Mac Owner and CEO Steve Jobs takes a stance for PORNOGRAPHY

Another reason why I love Macs!!! This is truly revolutionary for our time and age, though it doesn't take care of the issue itself, it gives the consumer an opportunity to make wiser decisions and a better option. Read on!

Steve Jobs Takes a Stand – AMEN

Every once in a while you come across a profound statement made by a prominent leader that makes you realize that there are still great people in the world today. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple put his entire reputation on the line by taking a very bold stand regarding the issue of pornography and the decision to block all sites from any of his products. In a world filled with people who would criticize this move and label him a narrow-minded, free speech control freak, I would like to go on the record publicly as saying, “You have got my loyalty and respect!” Here are some thoughts taken from Breakpoint’s website:

Jobs has made it clear that he wants to keep pornography off Apple products as much as possible. Obviously Apple can’t control everything its users do, but it can make porn scarcer on its products, and it has done just that.

A British newspaper, The Guardian,reports, “So insistent is Apple [on this policy], many magazine publishers developing ‘apps’ for the new iPad . . . have had to self-censor.”

As you might expect, this has triggered a frenzy among some critics. Ryan Tate, a writer for the Gawker website, sniped at Jobs about suppressing his customers’ “freedom,” prompting Jobs to respond, “Yep, freedom from programs that steal your private data. Freedom from programs that trash your battery. Freedom from porn. Yep, freedom.”

When Tate replied that he didn’t want “freedom from porn,” Jobs answered, “You might care more about porn when you have kids.” In a correspondence with a consumer, Jobs went even further, speaking of his company’s “moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.”

How refreshing it is to see someone who actually gets it—that yes, there are those of us who prefer to be free from the storm of smut that assaults us from every television, computer, and phone screen. The supply of pornographic material is so overwhelming that access to it is certainly not an issue of “freedom” anymore, if it ever was.

Jobs has pointed out that people who want to see porn on their phones, and who want easier access to it on their computers, can easily get all they want if they buy other companies’ products. But as he said in a press conference, “That’s a place we don’t want to go—so we’re not going to go there.”

What Jobs seems to understand, and what his critics seem to be ignoring, is that there’s so much more to pornography than just issues of economics or free speech. It shouldn’t even need to be explained, but apparently for some people it does: Pornography is an ugly, poisonous, degrading business for everyone involved, whether they’re making it, using it, or selling it.

As my colleague Kim Moreland recently mentioned on our blog, The Point, new studies are demonstrating yet again just how dangerous and addictive it can be. It tears at the fabric of marriages and families and of society itself. Its use is connected from everything to higher divorce rates to human trafficking to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Aside from the occasional reference to protecting kids (which is enough), Steve Jobs didn’t go thoroughly into the reasons for his policy. But for whatever reason, he truly is demonstrating corporate responsibility, the kind that we desperately need more businesses to show in this sex-obsessed society.

May he continue to stand by his principles, and may his tribe increase.

Friday, June 11

Homosexual Adoption, Who should raise a Child???

I'm posting a research paper, from a brother who I share my views with, this essay is serious business. However, I will first post a video that will surely tug your heart!! Enjoy!

Children are Priority

The Defense of Marriage Act is a good law in that the federal government of the United States legally upheld the sacredness of traditional marriage which is the foundation for family life. Traditional marriage has been historically proven to be the most successful system for proper child development. While same-sex marriage is the primary focus for the legal war that is being waged between gay rights activists and proponents of traditional marriage, an arguably more significant bi-product of this conflict is the implications towards the legality of same-sex adoption. Though the conflict over the future of gay marriage is significant enough as an isolated issue, the struggle is exponentially more significant than just consensual adults seeking legal recognition. The future of same-sex marriage will be the catalyst for the future of same-sex adoption. Where legislation regarding same-sex marriage must carefully consider the rights and social ambitions of the couple, legislation that would also govern adoption should always be tailored towards the best interest of the child and not the interests of prospective parents. There is a higher likelihood that children adopted by same-sex couples will suffer parental death. There is a higher likelihood that children adopted by same-sex couples will face developmental challenges as a result of being fatherless or motherless. Certainly children adopted by same-sex couples are the subject of a hasty cultural experimentation. Because of these reasons, same-sex adoption is not an adequate solution for natural and healthy child development. Without The Defense of Marriage Act, there would be no ability for individual states to restrict same-sex adoption.

According to a collaborative study put out by the International Journal of Epidemiology, the life expectancy of a homosexual man ranges from 34.0 years to 46.3 years, a full 20 years less than the life expectancy of a heterosexual man. (p. 657-62). One possible cause for such a discrepancy between the life expectancy of homosexual and heterosexual men is the high rate of HIV infection among homosexuals. According to the US Center for Disease Control, “approximately 56,300 people were newly infected with HIV in 2006...; [fifty-three percent] of these new infections occurred in gay and bisexual men (CDC).” In 2008, at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's (NGLTF) national conference, a well-known gay rights activist named Matt Foreman gave a speech in which he stated, “With 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi (sexual), we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease." (par. 30). According to a study conducted by Dr. Paul Cameron, homosexual women, similar to their male counterparts, die young with the median age of death being 44 years old. (par. 10). Because of the drastically high mortality rate of middle-aged homosexuals, children who are adopted by homosexual parents are placed at a much higher risk of losing a parent to death. No child should be given to a couple of whom one will likely die before their child reaches adulthood.

Though many homosexual individuals would make loving care-takers, as a family unit, same-sex couples cannot provide a complete and natural nucleus for children. Children adopted by same-sex couples are by default either fatherless or motherless. Nature has designed families to consist of a child being raised by a biological mother and father. In an article of a Washington Times’ publication, author and professor of social and political ethics, Jean Bethke Elshtain explains the importance of traditional parenting:
There are big conceptual and historical issues here. There are also simple, humble truths. The humble truth is that every child needs and deserves the love and provision of caring adults in a relationship that perdures. The committed, two-married-parent family is the best environment we know anything about in which to rear children. (par. 10)
As Elshtain explains, a stable, two-parent upbringing fosters healthy children. Same-sex couples cannot offer a child both a father and mother. Adopted families should reflect the most basic natural needs of a child. Countless studies have shown that children who are either without a father or without a mother are strikingly more prone to psychological disorder, criminal activity and many other sociological problems.

Records of human civilization date back thousands of years. These surviving records detail how many past societies have reached progressive levels of social and scientific development. It is known that many ancient societies achieved advanced scientific understanding, impressive mathematical and astronomical precision, sincere piety and religious practice, enlightened philosophy that laid the foundation for modern thinking habits, and intricate social structure. Many aspects of modern culture were built upon these ancient ways of life. Despite all the information that has been gathered about these past societies, there has not been any evidence discovered that would indicate the existence of same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting or any form of same-sex family structure. Historically, no society has ever developed, much less sanctioned the concept same-sex marriage or same-sex adoption and parenting. The summary of The Defense of Marriage Act accurately states, “What has been understood under federal law for over [two-hundred] years: that a marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.” (par. 4). The United States’ historical understanding of marriage simply reflects how marriage was defined throughout all of world history, both recent and ancient alike. It is only within the past quarter of a century that same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting have become widespread concepts. The idea of same-sex parenting is not only revolutionary to near modern society; it is revolutionary to all known aspects of all known social structures to ever exist. Elshtain says, “All societies have a stake in the creation and sustaining of norms surrounding sexuality, child rearing, and other vital human activities.” (par. 9). Same-sex parenting is a first of this kind of social undertaking that places children, society’s future, as the subjects experimentation. The rights and desires of homosexual couples must take a back seat to the needs and well-being of the children. For it is the well-being of the children that will translate into the well-being of the civilization.

Some who favor same-sex adoption may argue that it is better for an orphaned child to be adopted by gay parents than to never be adopted. Why then are there restrictions in place for who can and who cannot adopt? Why would not that same reason apply to other sub-par homes for the orphaned children? Traditional couples who are older and closer to death are typically not eligible to adopt. Paul Cameron says, “Adoption agencies will seldom permit a couple in their late 40s or 50s to adopt a child because of the risk of parental death.” (par. 10). Just as older, higher risk heterosexual couples are rightly restricted from adopting, so should the high risk of homosexual life restrict same-sex couples from adopting because of the probability of parental death for the adopted child. It is often determinative for adoption agencies to deny adoption to a fatherless or motherless family; it should be equally determinative against fatherless or motherless same-sex homes. Despite the reduced number of eligible families who can adopt, the standard must be determined based on the well-being and development of a child, not based on convenience. Standards for child safety must trump personal desires of the prospective parents, even same -sex couples.

With marriage and family as an anchor for the development of individuals, the society of humankind has grown and thrived for thousand of generations. Throughout history, traditional marriage has remained the root of family success and children the fruit. A system that fosters social stability, procreates offspring, and was given to man by nature should not be anxiously uprooted, redesigned or redefined in the name of cultural acceptance. Though the protection of society and the advocacy for the well-being of children may be misunderstood as bigotry, the American culture must not yield to special interests or personal desires over what is morally and socially best. The Marriage Defense Act served to protect the sanctity of marriage, and esteem marriage as a uniquely defined sacred system on which society is built. This is why the Act is and good. Society must continue to thrive for thousands more generations.

written by Phil Barry

Works Cited
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Elshtain, Jean Bethke. "Reflections on the Family at Millennium's Beginning." World & I
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Cameron, Paul, and Perrin, Ellen C. “Q: Does Adoption by Gay or Lesbian Couples Put American Children…” Insight on the News 22 Apr 2002: 40-43. SIRS Researcher. Web. 05 April 2010.

Thursday, June 10

The Church: Called & Collected Compilation by LampMode Records

So LampMode dropped the compilation "The Church: Called & Collected"

It's pretty tight, it is definitely hitting in a timely fashion, I have been yearning for some more theological based Hip Hop, and this definitely has quenched my thirst!

Here's the link directly from LampMode describing the project.

Cop the album on AMAZON or iTunes

Here's the Track List:

1. Take 'em to Church - God's Servant ft. Azriel
2. Expository Preaching - shai linne (produced by Alex Medina)
3. Conversion - Trip Lee (produced by Alex Medina)
4. The Good News - Hazakim
5. Membership - Stephen the Levite
6. Words from Mark...
7. Biblical Theology - shai linne
8. Evangelism - Hazakim
9. Leadership - FLAME (produced by Big Juice)
10. Words from Thabiti...
11. Church Discipline - Stephen the Levite
12. Discipleship - Tedashii (produced by Big Juice)
13. Beautiful Church - Evangel (produced by Big Juice)

Here's a single from Flame called Leadership!!

Here's the EPK! Enjoy!

The Church // Promo 1 from The Lamp Lounge on Vimeo.

Definitely a solid performance and Project!


Trip Lee: Between Two Worlds
Dropping: June 22, 2010

Can't Wait!

Sunday, May 30

Wow, it's been a minute... Trip Lee, Lampmode, Flame news...

Sometimes, I come to my Blog and get ready to post, however, I then proceed to lose interest. This is the general feeling I been having lately, with almost everything I do. I call these times seasons of calamity, or depression. Whatever you prefer, it really doesn't matter to me, I have struggled with this for the majority of my life. As a Christian, Jesus has helped me through His Word, to set my mind on things from above, and the Scriptures have honestly helped me when I struggle. But never the less, I continue to struggle. I have accepted this as a thorn, I have read about many men of the faith, that I respect, such as Charles Spurgeon to name one, that had deep bouts with depression.

Depression is difficult to understand especially if you don't struggle with it. It's roots are stem from historical events, and of course sin. I can honestly say that my depression for the most part deals with a great portion of pride and selfishness. I fall into this pity party, though I don't communicate this, I know this. Hopelessness overtakes me, and I tend not to see the great things of this life and the wonderful splendor of my LORD. I forget about the blessings and gifts He has graced upon me, such as my salvation, my wife, my children, my family, and everything else.

I have heard many say that if I struggle with depression, how is it that I can be saved. That to me is such an ignorant comment or ideology. I know many Christians who have diseases, hardships, struggles and difficulties, what makes depression different than these ailments? It's not different, it's just different, if that makes any sense. I don't blame anyone, not even the Devil, though I know his plans are to destroy me, I look at this struggle as something the Lord has allowed for a purpose, and the fact is that I may struggle with this for the rest of my life, and thats ok. The reason I say it's ok, it's simple, God is God, He is Sovereign, all powerful, and who He is is not contingent on who I am or struggle with, I am a mere man, and in essence His creation, therefore, inferior. I have no issues with that, I have been graced with the opportunity to live and die, and ultimately reside with Him forever.

This is my life.

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Now for some music updates
2 Projects I'm excited about about here they go:

Trip Lee's album "Between 2 Worlds" Dropping June 22, 2010

Here is one of the 2 singles:

Here's the tracklist:
01. Real Life Music (DJ Official)
02. Snitch (JR)
03. Invade ft. J. Paul (DJ Official and Joseph Preilozny)
04. Prognosis (DJ Official and Jospeh Preilozny)
05. No Worries (G-Styles, Co-Produced by Alex Medina)
06. Covenant Eyes ft. PRo (Tony Stone)
07. Life 101 ft. Chris Lee (Cheese)
08. I Love Music ft. Sho Baraka (DJ Official and Joseph Preilozny)
09. Limitations ft. Leah Smith (Joseph Preilozny)
10. Yours To Own ft. Jimmy Needham (G-Rock)
11. Apathy (Interlude)
12. Twisted ft. Lecrae, PRo, Thi'sl (Cheese)
13. Bear With You ft. Tedashii (G-Styles)
14. Show's Over ft. Mitch Parks (Joseph Preilozny)
15. The Invasion (Hero) ft. Jai (Big Juice and Alex Medina)
16. My Lord (Bonus Track) (DJ Official)

Pre-Order HERE!

Here are some videos for it:
Part 1

Trip Lee "Between Two Worlds" REFLECTIONS (Pt. 1) from on Vimeo.

Part 2

Trip Lee "Between Two Worlds" REFLECTIONS (Pt. 2) from on Vimeo.

Second project I'm excited about is "The Church" by Lampmode Records Dropping june 8, 2010.

Here's a single from Flame called Leadership!!

This project is a compilation with many features, check the video:

The Church // Promo 1 from The Lamp Lounge on Vimeo.

There's so much more to come, and a lot more updates, but these two are the most prevalent to me at least. I will be posting more soon.

Pray for me as I pray for you!


Thursday, April 1

HERESY Dope Song by Jovan... Also, Lions & Liars dropped day before yesterday, HOT!!!

Go cop Lions & Liars HERE <<< Best Price<<< HERE or HERE

A re-post just to remind you who Sho Baraka is!

HERESY Dope Song by Jovan Mackenzy! Talk about dropping names!!

C'ya Soon!

Monday, March 29

JOHN 10:16 CONFERENCE "God's Wrath or Redemption"

This Conference is the first of it's kind to come to the Tris-State Area. Hosted by "Downtown" Leon Brown from This Conference is gonna be the greatest conference to come to the Tri-State Area, nothing like this line-up ever in this area. If you live nearby, book your tickets, and let me know if you want to come but having difficulties with shelter accommodations, I can recommend some options and maybe even a place to stay for free!! The price of the conference is only $109!

Speakers will be:

James White
Dr. James White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, AZ. He is a professor, having taught Greek, Systematic Theology, and various topics in the field of apologetics. He has authored or contributed to more than twenty books, including The Forgotten Trinity and The God Who Justifies. He is also an accomplished debater, having engaged in more than seventy-five moderated, public debates.

Michael Horton
Dr. Michael Horton is the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, and he co-hosts White Horse Inn, a nationally syndicated radio talk-show that explores issues revolving around Reformation theology in American Christianity. Dr. Horton is an accomplished writer whose many books include Christless Christianity and The Gospel Driven Life. He is also the editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine.

Julius Kim
Dr. Julius Kim has ministered in a variety of ecclesiastical and academic settings. He currently serves his church as an associate pastor, and he continues to serve the broader Christian community as a preacher, speaker, and ministry consultant. He taught undergraduate communications at Trinity International University and church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Following a brief tenure as Visiting Scholar with the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University, Dr. Kim returned to Southern California to serve as Dean of Students and to teach practical theology at Westminster Seminary.

Mark Spence
Mark Spence is the dean of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort’s School of Biblical Evangelism where he currently administers to about 10,000 students. Mark’s passion is to equip Christians for effective personal evangelism for the glory of God. His training is very comprehensive and he has a strong biblical foundation. He teaches in such a way that makes it easy for the average Christian to put it into everyday use. He is a frequently requested speaker that has preached and taught all over the world.

Voddie Baucham
Dr. Voddie Baucham wears many hats. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker, and church planter. He has served as an adjunct professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, TX., and Union University in Jackson, TN. He has also lectured at Southern Seminary. His many books include Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God and What He Must Be: …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

Dennis Johnson
Dr. Dennis Johnson has taught at Westminster Seminary California since 1982. After teaching New Testament for 16 years, he now teaches primarily preaching and ministry courses, in which he applies his background in biblical studies to the issues of ministry, the church, and the culture. Dr. Johnson has been privileged to preach and teach in Chad, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, and the Ukraine. He is the author of such books as Triumph of the Lamb: A Commentary on Revelation and Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures.

Leon Brown
Leon Brown is a graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication Studies. He currently attends Westminster Seminary California with the desire to pursue further education in post-graduate school. Ultimately, Leon desires to shepherd a local congregation upon completion of his education. He is a requested conference speaker, experienced evangelist, and itinerant preacher. He is the founder of the Evangelism Team ministry and has published in Christian Renewal.

This event will be in the City, near Times Square.

Wednesday, March 17


Don't forget, March 30, 2010!!!! Go Cop that Lions & Liars by Sho Baraka, here's the Video for his hot single "We Can Be More"!!

Nuff Said!!


Saturday, March 6

A lil bit of Cruz and Lampmode Conference coming soon in April!

First I wanted to post this video Cruz Cordero made, lyrically this joint is just Crazy!! This video came up in a conversation concerning Da Truth, Ambassador and Timothy Brindle (my all time favorite Emcee!!). The link for the conversation is right HERE, go read it, it's a good dialogue.

This video is right here:

Now, in April LampMode is hosting a Conference called "Frequency Conference" it will be held at Epiphany Fellowship in Philly, Feature Speakers: Matt Chandler, Eric Mason and Miguel Davilla. And Musical artist are: Stephen the Levite and Hazakim. Im pretty sure this is gonna be a blessed time, I saw Matt Chandler at Epiphany last year, and it was a blessing!
Here's the video Promo:

Aight see ya soon!

Tuesday, March 2

Streets of New York by DJ Official feat. J.A.Z. and Magellan, Official Video!

DJ Official killed this Beat, and J.A.Z. and Magellan ripped it! This is very encouraging and definitely places New York on the MAP! I gotta say that right now, these dudes are the only dudes doing it for NY!! PERIOD!

I love the Black and White, and the cinematography is sick!!


Full Video Stream of "Hip Hop for Haiti" Concert!! HOT!!

Title says it all!


Friday, February 26

EnterMission Release Party DJ Official, Reach Records!

EnterMission Release Party at CrossOver Church!!! Some nice footage!!

Tuesday, February 23

Yo, Im soooo excited about this upcoming Sho Baraka Project "Lions & Liars"

This vid is good in every area, PERIOD!!!

Go Pre-Order Lions & Liars OVER HERE!!

March 30, 2010 Baby!! Unleashing the Lion!

And just in case you missed the first teaser Vid, here it goes...

I'll Be BACK!!

Tuesday, February 9

Lecrae's Haiti Song and Video, I'm also posting this interesting song concerning ABORTION!!!

This song is truly hot, very heartfelt and emotional. The video just contributes more to the emotions, I love what LeCrae is doing here. Praise the Lord for Young and Unashamed brethren who doing it right!!

Everyone knows that I'm ANTI-ABORTION!!! Well, this song deals with abortion. Now, I'm posting this song with some hesitation, my reasons are simply due to not endorsing the artist for doctrinal and theological purposes, so for that very reason I am not going to be providing any information concerning the artist. You may ask, "Then why are you posting the song, if you don't agree with his Doctrine and stuff?" Well, though I don't endorse the artist, I do think that this song is well worth the listen, the approach and concept is unique and interesting, doesn't touch much on doctrine, so I don't have conflict with this particular song. If you want the artists name, e-mail me or respond to this thread with your e-mail and I will gladly forward the artist's name to you.

Song title: UNBORN CHILD

Now, here's a CRISPY CLIP from "Hip Hop for Haiti", JSon, Lecrae and DJ Official!


I'ma leave ya with this quote from the Prince of Preachers!!
"When you see no present advantage, walk by faith and not by sight. Do God the honor to trust Him when it comes to matters of loss for the sake of principle."
Charles H. Spurgeon

Tuesday, February 2

Sho Baraka Single "We Can Be More" Hot!!!

This joint is nice, right in time for Valentine's Day. Ha Ha, Sho Baraka is sick!

I been working on an essay, more like a sermon in a report form, concerning networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Twitter, and the likes. Many people wont like what I got to say, but I am basing my opinion on Scripture, and the characteristics of a Christian. Of course there will always be exceptions to this concern, my observation isn't towards those who fit the exception, however, this issue rides such a thin line, that it will offend even those who do it with genuine humility and concern. I only ask that everyone examine themselves when reading my essay, remember that I am not claiming to be perfect or have it all together, but with the popularity of networking sites and lack thereof humility and ever growing self centerness, I truly feel the need to address this matter, not that many people read my blog, but hopefully those who do will extend the essay (I give permission) to post on their own networking pages and challenge those in their circles. This is gonna simply be a call to repentance and humility. I ask, would Paul, Luke, Matthew, Mark or John post such things that go on most of our networking sites??? I personally don't have a Facebook or anything like it (tried it 3 times though, this blog is the closest thing) and it just rubs me the wrong way. The self-centerness, and focus of "ME", (I just bought this, I just did that, Just spent time praying to the Lord< Just ate this and that, Me, Me, Me, blah, blah, blah) honestly, all this disgusts me. Too much me, not enough HIM! Anyways, when I'm done, I will post this essay; comment, block me, dismiss me, reject me or whatever, but consider this "Am I violating basic Christian Characteristic principles through my personal networking site, if so what should I do differently?"

C'ya soon!
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