Tuesday, February 2

Sho Baraka Single "We Can Be More" Hot!!!

This joint is nice, right in time for Valentine's Day. Ha Ha, Sho Baraka is sick!

I been working on an essay, more like a sermon in a report form, concerning networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Twitter, and the likes. Many people wont like what I got to say, but I am basing my opinion on Scripture, and the characteristics of a Christian. Of course there will always be exceptions to this concern, my observation isn't towards those who fit the exception, however, this issue rides such a thin line, that it will offend even those who do it with genuine humility and concern. I only ask that everyone examine themselves when reading my essay, remember that I am not claiming to be perfect or have it all together, but with the popularity of networking sites and lack thereof humility and ever growing self centerness, I truly feel the need to address this matter, not that many people read my blog, but hopefully those who do will extend the essay (I give permission) to post on their own networking pages and challenge those in their circles. This is gonna simply be a call to repentance and humility. I ask, would Paul, Luke, Matthew, Mark or John post such things that go on most of our networking sites??? I personally don't have a Facebook or anything like it (tried it 3 times though, this blog is the closest thing) and it just rubs me the wrong way. The self-centerness, and focus of "ME", (I just bought this, I just did that, Just spent time praying to the Lord< Just ate this and that, Me, Me, Me, blah, blah, blah) honestly, all this disgusts me. Too much me, not enough HIM! Anyways, when I'm done, I will post this essay; comment, block me, dismiss me, reject me or whatever, but consider this "Am I violating basic Christian Characteristic principles through my personal networking site, if so what should I do differently?"

C'ya soon!

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