Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas!!! Hey I luv the way this VIDEO is sync-ed with this song!!

Merry Christmas, this is the Day, that we choose to accept as Christ's Birthday, we know that Jesus wasn't actually born in December, many argue about the actual date, some say April others even say July. Truthfully, it doesn't matter, we can get all legalistic about it, or even religious, however, the point is simply this, Christ was a GIFT to humanity, (not all, but that is a different topic, ha ha) The day HE was born is a pivotal mark for believers, it is the day that God sent HIS SON, to earth to begin HIS human mission to redeem MAN from his fallen state, the truth of the matter is this: ONLY GOD COULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SUCH A TASK AS THIS!!! So for those of you who say, "aah, Jesus wasn't God, HE was just a man, a good man for the at matter, and Christmas is just a day to enjoy family and friends...", well I have some news for you, the origin of Christmas is simply based on the Birth of the greatest MAN to walk the Earth, God Incarnate Himself, JESUS The CHRIST!!! So celebrate without Christ in your Christmas, but truthfully Christmas without CHRIST is just another day, nothing special about it! PERIOD!

Like the prophesy in the OT states in
Isaiah 9:6
For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

Now a for little treat, Peep this song:

Song - Ima Christian
Artist - HeeSun Lee, Seda, K-Drama & Ruslan (of theBreax)

Wednesday, December 23

Honestly, I Don't Know Much About This Rapper, but...

He got this tight track that I'm digging, it's the same beat Jin went on, I don't know the originator of the track, but He definitely went in!


Download his mixtape >>>HERE!!!

My Waiver: I can't vouch for dude, I just heard the track thats on this Youtube, so proceed with caution!!!

Friday, December 18

Flame on HollaFestRadio, Johnny Hunt - No Not One!!! I luv this dude & Hazakim did it on that joint too!!

Aight so Last Night Flame was on Pastor Pagani's online radio show HollaFest Radio, It was very interesting, and I like what transpired last night. Unfinished Business was taken cared for, check the interview HERE!!!

Hazakim - "No Not One" off of GrassRoots vol 2 This joint reminds me of a The Doors for some reason! Download this song alone >>>HERE!!!

Listen to song Here!!

This is a hot clip!! Im gonna hunt, no pun intended, this preaching down!!!

Johnny Hunt!


Monday, December 14

GrassRoots 2 Available now!! Download Link Here!!

Aight, GrassRoots 2 is available a day early!! Im excited cause these dudes dont play!! I am excited about listening to CHRIST centered HIP HOP!!!

So as an encore, Im posting the video again, but first the playlist:

Track List
1-Battle of the Ages // Hazakim
2-What’s Your Proof? // Stephen the Levite
3-Testify (Remix) // shai linne
4-I Do // Json
5-L.A.W. // Evangel
6-No Not One // Hazakim
7-The Choir // Stephen the Levite
8-I’m the One // shai linne
9-Who is He? feat. Lecrae // Json
10-Dedication // shai linne
11- feat. shai linne // Jas Knight
12-Alone (Bonus Mix) feat. Eric Westbrook // shai linne

“Woe is me if I do not preach the Gospel!”


Enjoy, I know I will!! C'Ya!

Sunday, December 13

Nice Vid, watcha think? Sound Gospel Presentation?

I came accross this video, I thought it was interesting, worthy of posting, very nicely done fosure!! The production is tight, now my question is/was the Gospel presentation sound, thoroughly covered???

Lemme know your thoughts!!

C'ya later this week! Christmas is almost here, and the New Year is upon us! Lord, have your way!

Sola deo Gloria!


Tuesday, December 8

Our Life is Nothing BUT CHRIST is ALL!!! Check the Vid, nice job!

This song is off 13 Letters Curriculum from Reach Records, this is just an example of the awesome job they did with an album dedicated to the 13 Letters Paul the Apostle wrote!! I have the curriculum, its definitely a must get!! Features are Flame, Shai Linne, Lecrae, Tedashi, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, JSon, and many others. Cop the 13 Letters Curriculum HERE!

This song is entitle "To Live is CHRIST" by Trip Lee!

Another nice find is this video right here interviewing Sho Baraka!!

C'Ya real soon!!


Monday, December 7

A very nice Lecrae piece, created by Acquire the Fire!! Coming December 15, 2009 GRASSROOTS 2!!!

This is a very video featuring Lecrae from Reach Records

LampMode also has something dropping in December!! Check it here!! This project is gonna be SICK!! GrassRoots 2, if its anything like #1, Instant CLASSIC!!! Best part is that ITS GONNA BE FREE!!!

This project is gonna be FIRE!! Featuring Stephen, Shai, Hazakim, Json, Evangel and Lecrae!! Its gonna be flaming! By the way, there will be a few new and original tracks, however I believe this is somewhat of a Promo and Evangelistic effort, with some original tracks, remixed tracks and some that are on the artists previous projects! Regardless its gonna a nice give-away!

You'll be able to get it HERE!!!

You can get part 1 HERE!!! Part 1 featured Stephen the Levite, Shai Linne and TIMOTHY BRINDLE!!

C'Ya soon! Real Soon!

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