Monday, December 7

A very nice Lecrae piece, created by Acquire the Fire!! Coming December 15, 2009 GRASSROOTS 2!!!

This is a very video featuring Lecrae from Reach Records

LampMode also has something dropping in December!! Check it here!! This project is gonna be SICK!! GrassRoots 2, if its anything like #1, Instant CLASSIC!!! Best part is that ITS GONNA BE FREE!!!

This project is gonna be FIRE!! Featuring Stephen, Shai, Hazakim, Json, Evangel and Lecrae!! Its gonna be flaming! By the way, there will be a few new and original tracks, however I believe this is somewhat of a Promo and Evangelistic effort, with some original tracks, remixed tracks and some that are on the artists previous projects! Regardless its gonna a nice give-away!

You'll be able to get it HERE!!!

You can get part 1 HERE!!! Part 1 featured Stephen the Levite, Shai Linne and TIMOTHY BRINDLE!!

C'Ya soon! Real Soon!


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