Monday, December 14

GrassRoots 2 Available now!! Download Link Here!!

Aight, GrassRoots 2 is available a day early!! Im excited cause these dudes dont play!! I am excited about listening to CHRIST centered HIP HOP!!!

So as an encore, Im posting the video again, but first the playlist:

Track List
1-Battle of the Ages // Hazakim
2-What’s Your Proof? // Stephen the Levite
3-Testify (Remix) // shai linne
4-I Do // Json
5-L.A.W. // Evangel
6-No Not One // Hazakim
7-The Choir // Stephen the Levite
8-I’m the One // shai linne
9-Who is He? feat. Lecrae // Json
10-Dedication // shai linne
11- feat. shai linne // Jas Knight
12-Alone (Bonus Mix) feat. Eric Westbrook // shai linne

“Woe is me if I do not preach the Gospel!”


Enjoy, I know I will!! C'Ya!

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