Wednesday, November 11

DJ Official's New Project EnterMission Crazy Line-Up, Classic 116!!!

So Official's dropping a compilation with many features, reminds me of classic Reach/116 stuff (which I love) here is the Album Artwork, the single and the Tracklisting. This single features LeCrae and Flame, song name is Show Off!! Enjoy see ya soon! Pray for the Brethren in general, we all need it! Oh almost forgot, there is going to be various versions of the project, check em out HERE and Pre-Order too!!

Click for full length listen of the song!

Show Off (ft. Lecrae & Flame) - DJ Official

There's some surprises on the project, that got me wondering (uh, 2/3's of ADF, hint hint) should be interesting, I hope this project isnt disappointing. the single is coo, but I'm looking forward to the Trip Lee, Evangel, Stephen the Levite, & Thi'sl appearances, def interesting!!

1. Enter The Mission - Dr. Eric Mason, DJ Official, R-Swift
2. Show Off - Lecrae & Flame
3. Use Me - Tedashii
4. Streets of New York - J.A.Z. & Magellen
5. Get Busy - Trip Lee
6. Go - H.G.A. & Tedashii
7. Not My Own - Stephen The Levite, Phanatik, Evangel
8. Love Fallen - Gems, Jahaziel, Benjah, Dillavou
9. Nothing Without You - JR & Lecrae
10. Chaos - Sho Baraka
11. Chisel Me - Thi'sl, Json, K-Drama, Tedashii
12. On My 116 - Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee
13. Streets of Philadelphia - Mac The Doulos, Young Joshua, Ackdavis, R-Swift
14. Missio Dei - God's Servant
15. Forward Me - Cam
16. Outro (Thank You)

Album Artwork by Alex Medina (click on Pic to enlarge)

C'Ya, L

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