Saturday, October 31

Whats good? A little observation concerning Jin the MC, who happens to be a "Christian".

I say in my title "Jin...who is a "Christian"", very loosely. There is a sorta fascination with celebrities who convert to Christianity, and honestly I am weary of these events. You may ask "Why are you so critical, judgmental, and/or concerned, Les?" To be honest, I really dont know how these converted privileged "Christians" live, I am not judging that at all, what I can judge is what is presented to me through the Media, which isnt a great source in the first place. However, with blogs, videos (YouTube) and internet resources we have a means to see more than what the media shows us. Which brings me to the subject of today's Blog, JIN the MC. I dont know if and any of you know who Jin is, this is a link to a description from wikipedia, which isnt a great source but this info is confirmed: >>>Click Here

Anyways, back to my post, the reason I'm blogging, answering the "Why?" portion of your question , why Jin? Here it goes, Jin released a song and video claiming Christ, first the song right here:

So naturally I hear this, and I get excited, because Jin with all respect is a sick MC, I figured that this guy with the right guidance, discipleship and leadership can be an instrumental tool for the KINGDOM!

So then, He releases this video:

After watching this video it excites me even further, seems very sincere, and now Im believing that he is truly converted. He does an interview with <<Click Here

So, a week or so later Jin drops this remix of a popular song by Drake, though I dont know the first thing about Drake, I hear he is the "next big thing" the name of the son is "The Best" listen here>>>

So now, Im stoked, though the song isnt the "best" Theological or Doctrinal, I see hope in Jin, and hopefully he hooks up with the right people, nah mean. I know that Flame has reached out tho him, I also am aware of other sound rappers and producers who have made contact with Jin.

Now, bring me to the latest concerning this progress, Jin releases a video a few days ago, Im not too sure about the details but accepts or challenges these freestyle battle mc's to a battle mid November in California. Here's the video:

So this is why, I mainly posted this blog today, is it possible to Battle and be a Christian? When you view the video, you get this sense of "cockiness" and "arrogance" from Jin, is that Christ-Like? I understand that this is the nature battling, but does this justify it? I mean is it safe to say that by saying he wants to battle two dudes on the same day, you assume that he is saying that whomever he battles first already caught the L? I know that Jin knows what to expect, and he may have a plan. I just hope he doesnt disappoint us, me? Im just tired of the likes such as Ma$e, DMX, KRS-ONE, R-Kelly, CoCo, and these other so called Christians who claim to follow Christ but their fruit as we see it says otherwise.

Jin, I am truly praying for you, I hope your conversion is genuine, dont compromise and remember to always seek HIS kingdom first, and all else shall follow.

Thank you for reading.


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