Sunday, October 25

1 Video and 1 song I'm digging, "Lost" and "Holy is HE"!

This right here is Da T.R.U.T.H.'s video for the song "LOST" hot, I like this joint right here!!

Now we got a response track, if you know Evangel, you know he isnt doing this for clout, fame or any hidden agendas. He is simply responding to Rakim's track "Holy are you", where Rakim is basically blaspheming throughout the whole song, and claiming god stature! Check this out, Im gonna post Rakim's version too, just for comparison purposes, though Im very hesitant to, forgive me if it offends anyone, but I feel it necessary to prove a point, and of course, in defense of the FAITH!!!

Here is Rakim's original, sorry once again!

Aight see later in the week! Holy are YOU, LORD GOD, LORD JESUS, LORD HOLY SPIRIT!! All GLORY TO YOU!!


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