Wednesday, October 21

I hate to put this up now, but I must!! C-Lite "No Tombstone" Video, MOVING!!

I say that I hate to put it up now, cause I dont really want to bump ENOCK's Memorial from the top spot, but this VIDEO is so moving, I had to post it up! C-Lite was a former TRUCE member, actually probably still part of TRUCE, I dont even know if they are or not a group any longer. Bt anyways, it features Sheena Lee As an Actress and singer and David Ham as an Actor, very moving video, definitely worth the mention and post!! Peep it enjoy, and definitely CHECK OUT ENOCK'S MEMORIAL TOO!!

Check out C-Lite's SITE right here! He has a mix-tape available for free, peep it, its cool! The download link is in the MEDIA section of his site, under AUDIO!

C,Ya real soon!

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