Saturday, March 6

A lil bit of Cruz and Lampmode Conference coming soon in April!

First I wanted to post this video Cruz Cordero made, lyrically this joint is just Crazy!! This video came up in a conversation concerning Da Truth, Ambassador and Timothy Brindle (my all time favorite Emcee!!). The link for the conversation is right HERE, go read it, it's a good dialogue.

This video is right here:

Now, in April LampMode is hosting a Conference called "Frequency Conference" it will be held at Epiphany Fellowship in Philly, Feature Speakers: Matt Chandler, Eric Mason and Miguel Davilla. And Musical artist are: Stephen the Levite and Hazakim. Im pretty sure this is gonna be a blessed time, I saw Matt Chandler at Epiphany last year, and it was a blessing!
Here's the video Promo:

Aight see ya soon!


J Kinney said...

I peeped at the forum concerning brindle, Amb and Truth. My prayers are for them but i'd like to know what happened with Brindle and what did Truth say that has people so bugged?

I'd appreciate if you can let me know.

Grace and love

Anonymous said...

The authoritative message :)

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