Thursday, June 10

The Church: Called & Collected Compilation by LampMode Records

So LampMode dropped the compilation "The Church: Called & Collected"

It's pretty tight, it is definitely hitting in a timely fashion, I have been yearning for some more theological based Hip Hop, and this definitely has quenched my thirst!

Here's the link directly from LampMode describing the project.

Cop the album on AMAZON or iTunes

Here's the Track List:

1. Take 'em to Church - God's Servant ft. Azriel
2. Expository Preaching - shai linne (produced by Alex Medina)
3. Conversion - Trip Lee (produced by Alex Medina)
4. The Good News - Hazakim
5. Membership - Stephen the Levite
6. Words from Mark...
7. Biblical Theology - shai linne
8. Evangelism - Hazakim
9. Leadership - FLAME (produced by Big Juice)
10. Words from Thabiti...
11. Church Discipline - Stephen the Levite
12. Discipleship - Tedashii (produced by Big Juice)
13. Beautiful Church - Evangel (produced by Big Juice)

Here's a single from Flame called Leadership!!

Here's the EPK! Enjoy!

The Church // Promo 1 from The Lamp Lounge on Vimeo.

Definitely a solid performance and Project!


Trip Lee: Between Two Worlds
Dropping: June 22, 2010

Can't Wait!

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