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Today, Im on a RANT...I been pretty good lately, however...

Lately, my lastest postings have been about Music, artists and more music...

Today, Im gonna segway a bit, check it, to "some" I been really good lately, staying away from judgmental and critical postings, that isn't really me folks! I believe that as Christians we are called to judge each other in love, that is if you are and call yourself a Christian. See I have lost a lot of friends to this thinking, which by the way is a Biblically sound TRUTH, I will reference the verse a lil later, just keep reading. Allow me to continue, see when you love someone and they are error, you correct them, that is if you truly love that person, this is the same principle God applies to us as his chosen and elected ones!

Last night I saw this "so called Christian" movie named "To Save a Life." This movie is/was so wishy washy it is soooo sad to watch, granted there were valid and "real" situations in the movie, the liberty the writers/producers took to portray Christians and Christianity was and is extremely poor, terrible and absurd. Listen, what upsets me most is that I know Churches that operate in this manner, really. The Christian leadership portrayed in the movie was absolutely ridiculous, weak and comprimisers. Im not gonna get into details concerning the plot, I personally hate spoilers.

I will say the following, NO WHERE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE WAS THE GOSPEL EVER PRESENTED, NO WHERE!! Yes, Im shouting!!! This stuff frustrates me, see the changing power of GOD is in the Gospel, besides God Himself intervening, However the Word, the Bible is His Word, and ultimate authority. GOD WILL NEVER, step out his word and contradict Himself for the sake of saving people. NEVER, the Bible says that God is no liar, and therefore He will NEVER defy His WORD!! PERIOD, no ifs, ands or buts! Secondly, the name of Jesus was only mentioned ONCE! Uno, 1! Mind you, this is supposedly a Christian film, yet they did comprimise with other nonsense, I will not mention them, watch the movie and you will see what Im talking about.

I think that this movie can teach us something, that is those of us who are seriously serious about this walk. Being good isn't the way to God, we respond to God in obedience, not because we do good deeds, or the "right thing" that we will inherit eternal life, no that is a wrong motive for doing the right thing. You ought to do the right thing because it honors God and pleases Him! You see we aren't saved by works, your deeds don't make you a better person, or more "Saved." Your deeds don't even bring you closer to God, OBEDIENCE does! Honoring Him Does! Praying does! But these things don't keep us "Saved." There is nothing we can do to "keep" salvation or stay "Saved." NOTHING, NADA, NADA, NADA! Eternal life is a Gift from God, he Chooses us, His Amazing Grace is what is being demonstrated here, not because we "deserve" it. NOOOO, sorry, According to Scripture if it wasn't for God taking the first step towards us, we would never turn to HIM!!! NEVER!! We would never trust Him with our lives! We don't have that ability naturally, God has to initiate this within us, then we can turn to Him and Trust Him!

As the ESV Study Bible states in the notes for

John 6:44, No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.

No one can come to me means “no one is able to come to me” (Greek. dynamai means “to be able”). This implies that no human being in the world, on his own, has the moral and spiritual ability to come to Christ unless God the Father draws him, that is, gives him the desire and inclination to come and the ability to place trust in Christ!

I know this isn't easy for all to grasp, but this is Scripture, and I'm only pointing out one of the many verses that insinuate this concept, therefore TRUTH!

My point in all this? Trust that the Bible is sufficient and that people truly are saved when they place their trust in God, because He has begun a good thing in them. Not because of your wonderful presentation of what Christianity is about, or lack there of the Gospel, remember relentlessly Preach Christ and Him Crucified, for this is the Crux of our message, Preach the full Gospel, not just your testimony. Preach the full counsel of GOD!! Don't rely on yourself, if you do, then you might as well quit, cause you aren't winning people to you, you aren't making people "your" disciples, But Christ's Disciples! I was there, I once relied on my efforts to "win" some, don't get me wrong God is sovereign, he does as he pleases, and His GRACE abounds, but it sucks to rely on yourself, truthfully there really isn't any genuine fruit in it! False converts is what that creates, Rely on the MASTER, rely on the one who calls, and changes hearts, and brings people back from the DEAD!!

I was once dead, but thanks be to God, I am no longer on that path, Giod is hHis ultimate GRACE was merciful to me!

For those of you who say things such as "only God can judge me," here's that verse I mantioned that I was going to give you, here it goes:

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”
(1 Corinthians 5:12-13 ESV)

Thats the Word of God, not my words, what do you think? I will get back to you soon, maybe in the next few days!

So for now, go check out that garbage of a movie, and learn what not to do!


Coming soon: Are we to judge those in the Church? Or is it true that God can only judge me?


Glo said...

I saw this movie. I enjoyed this movie. The gospel definitely wasn't presented, but again, still enjoyable for what it was. They never mentioned sin. They never mentioned repentance. The other message they WERE sharing was one that needs to be shared as far as I'm concerned...Teen suicide, bullying, etc should be discussed.

I like how they SHOWED that not every kid in youth group is a Christian. I like how it showed the change in his relationship with his girlfriend when his priorities changed.

There were pros and cons...

I appreciate your zeal.

Anonymous said...

Stop writing about other people, and put your own mistakes on the WEB.

The Real Pae said...

Hi Glo,
I respect that you enjoyed the movie, I thought that if they didn't label this movie as a Christian one, it would have been great, but that wasn't the case. I did mentioned that "there were valid and "real" situations in the movie", and the ones you referenced i.e. suicide, teen bullying, was what I was talking about, I didn't get into details, I honestly was ranting, hence the title. However, I don't like when a movie that tries to be "life changing" and such, and in this case a Christian Movie, that totally misses the mark, thats how I see it. No Gospel, No Salvation, plain and simple. When it came to portraying the most important aspects of Christianity it failed, big time! I'm all about the Gospel being preached, especially in these types of oppurtunities...

And like you, I did like the way they communicated that not everyone that goes to Church is saved, I did like that, I also liked the way it was evident to those who were "outsiders" (such as Jake). And the whole priority thing, I see your point, but for me it was a huge fail, simply because Jesus (Gospel) was left out of the equation, it was all based on a man's effort and doing, that is a misrepresentation of the Scripture and what this whole walk is about.

Sister, I have no beef with you, I welcome all comments, I would like your take on the closing verse, if it isnt too much to ask. I love to dialogue. Thank you for your input.

Sola Deo Gloria!

Now this is for ANONYMOUS:

Whats up Bro, I hope you are a bro, and with that I mean I hope you are en-grafted into Christ, and therefore my brethren.

You wrote:

"Stop writing about other people, and put your own mistakes on the WEB."

Done did it, and continue to do it, if you look at my archives you will find that I don't have a problem admitting my flaws, shortcomings and failures, not at all. I'm a work in progress. Now to you I say, why don't you come out from hiding behind "Anonymous" and confront me, you obviously don't know me, and therefore made a judgment call based on a single Blog posting. Ha ha, You obviously didn't even read this post, I must have gotten under your skin really early in the post, cause you obviously didn't read it to the end, otherwise you wouldn't be making ridicule and absurd comments.

I bet you are one of those who hides behind "Only God can judge me" is it that, did that ruffles some feathers?? Let's reason, I don't mind it at all, Im done for a good brawl. LOL, Im understanding, very understanding, you should get to know me, you would love me. Ha Ha.

Anyways I await your response.

In His Service, Sola Scriptura Buddy!


Ima leave ya with this quote from a great teacher:

"We must always assume that those we serve need to hear the gospel yet again. Any sermon we preach is incomplete and insufficient until we explicitly reference Christ and Him crucified."
C.J. Mahaney

*Sermon in this context can mean any act of service.

The Real Pae said...

Oh Anonymous,
if you really wanna read about my dirt, go to first postings of this Blog, dates back to February 2006.

I have come a long way Homie.


The way Evangelism said...

I haven't seen the Movie but now I want too! Just to see for myself. But according to what you(Real Pae) said it sounds like a typical modern gospel presentation. Wishy Washy where Jesus or the TRUE gospel are never mentioned. Now if it's entertaining it's all good but when they label it "Christian" then so it should be just that...Christian..Once you do that then scripturally you will be up for judgement. It's in the bible. TEST all things..Good review..Ima hit up netflix and see if I could watch it online. SDG!

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