Monday, October 18

B3AR FRUIT Clothing & The Forerunner by Stephen the Levite


Stephen the Levite's sophomore project "The Forerunner" will be coming out real soon, if you like theologically sound Christian Hip Hop then this project is definite cop!!! Preorder the EP here! They have a really good deal on a CD/T-Shirt bundle.

Matter of fact you purchase the EP NOW!!!

Peep this EPK video for Stephen the Levite!!!


I want to mention this new Novelty T-Shirt Line, I have the priviledge to have been blessed by a brother that will go un-named, he blessed me with one of these Tee's, very simple design and to the point, the name of the label is B3AR FRUIT! The idea behind the name is simple, Believers should be bearing fruit! This is a verse form the Bible pulled from their BLOG, "For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its fruit."

They only have two designs right now, but they are tight! This one is their second design, these shirts are limited editions:

This is the one I got, the one that set it off! Thank you brother, you know who you are, I really appreciate the gift!

C'Ya & remember "Bear Fruit." Pun intended!


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