Monday, August 21

Callin a Spade a Spade

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I found this very informative and simple in essense! See ya soon!

The problem we have been having here lately is NOT with doctrine or theology, it's how some perceive OTHERS to present it.

Look, let's just call names-people get mad at Kerry (Black Calvinist) because they feel he presents his knowledge of the scriptures in a prideful way...he makes people feel bad by coming at them-and at times CRUSHING-the way they think and feel and NOBODY wants for their way of belief to be attacked. That's understood and well noted (trust me, Kerry knows this)


Let's not be fooled into thinking we're all supposed to be good little Christians who never correct anybody. Plain and simple, the way that some of us think here is WRONG and it's backed up by a book GOD left us. It's called the bible. If you chose to IGNORE and not FOLLOW this book and come up with a way of thinking that goes AGAINST it, we not only have a RIGHT, but we have a DUTY to correct.

Now, how should we correct?

In love.

Does it always happen?


But that doesn't mean we just do away with doctrine and Theology and say "well...I like so and so and because so and so believes this way-even though it BLATANTLY goes against Scripture and what the 1st century saints believed-I can accept him and his faulty theology for the sake of unity and non division" becuz that is actually more dangerous than confronting the brother or sister.

Why you ask?

Because if a brother believes wrong, that means when others come and ask him about his own beliefs, he will instruct another WRONG, which can cause someone to stumble.

Yes, it's just that serious yall. Let's not just turn into people who accept whoever, whatever, whenever just so we can say we're all united. This unity CAN be achieved, but it probably won't be until Jesus gets here. Get used to it.


May God be glorified...

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