Friday, October 26

God is always Good! I have to post this pic!

So I took this position as a Youth Pastor in Long Island, and God
Just overwhelmed us by all the Blessings and LOVE we have received from this Church we are
truly being spoiled by our Father in Heaven. Check out our package, we get a house, its small but sufficient for our needs, no rent, no
utilities, the Public School systems
out here are like private schools in the hood, they are in comparison to upper middle class private schools, Priscilla gets to go to a Private Nursery School for three days for free. Ahhh, you following me here? The neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, we live across the street from a lake, trail (Bike, Walk or Jog), and everything is just really close by, we have everything here. So last Sunday, October 21, I got to preach and run my first service all by my lonesome, it was awesome, I delivered a challenging message didnt compromise the Gospel, and I also was able to implement the youth into the service, it was awesome, I got great feedback, and the kids were so excited about it, they cant wait to do their next service, Praise God! Anyhow, this picture is the announcement bulletin outside in front of the Church, on a main road, and it's double sided. Boy, I felt a bit of celebrity status for a hot sec, but Lord, humble me, this is for his Glory not mine!! Silly, I actually didnt know it was on there till like Friday of that week. But all this to say that, though my name is what is being promoted, and hilighted, it is by no means about me, Im just a vessel used of God, He knows how short I fall, and daily I struggles I need to deal with, but God, He is faithful when I'm not He is Loves Unconditionally in Spite of my flaws, and this I say with confidence Because I have received Him, I have been atoned for my sins. So when you visit my Blog, remember that sometimes I may come off a bit arrogant, and even a bit cocky, but the reason I am stern with certain matter like Doctrine and Heresy, it's simply because there is alot of garbage out there thats really wolves in sheeps clothing, and all they are really producing is temporary and mystical converts. People searching for the gifts rather than the Giver, People searching for the Miracle rather than the Miracle Worker, People looking for the Sign rather than the Sign-Maker, People looking for salvation rather than the Savior!

Yeah I take this serious, and you will only come accross sound, unquestionable teachings and preachings on this Blog, If I recommend something, its because I have done my research on the matter, therefore you can trust that you won't be mislead! I believe in studying, One and Only One interpretation of the Scriptures ( which means that either you are right and Im wrong, or I am right and you are wrong, or we are both wrong, however the case is never that we are both right if we share different views or have different interpretation of Scripture, I hope that is clear) I believe in Hermeneutics, Exegetical research, and historical content and contextual observation! Hey hit me up I will clarify everything, we can talk, but Im definitely not gonna comprimise, never that, at least when it comes to Doctrine and Bible! HE REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER.

Last note, we dont realize how much our doctrine affects our view of Christ, and worship. Now you might be saying well I dont have a "Doctrine" and my response to that is that everyone has a "Doctrine." Whether you realize it or not! If you believe in tongues, thats doctrine. If you believe in miracles, thats doctrine, everything you know or believe is part of your "Doctrine."

Later now enjoy this vid from one of my favorite Rappers, who is on point doctrinally and Biblically.

Lecrae "Praying For You"

Won, Les

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