Wednesday, May 28

The Love of God and What constitutes a "Revival"?

Trip Lee at #6 this week in the Billboards "Top Gospel Albums" thats cool, I see it as the Gospel is getting out, even among the Church! Cause Trip dont water it down!

There's this buzz going around concerning a "revival" Im not gonna say much about it but that I don't believe its genuine, thats it, Im gonna hold my tongue concerning this "revival." However if you go to this link, you can hear radio personality Todd Friel from Way of the Master Radio do a better job than I would, Listen here, its around minute 22.
Comment if you must, respond to this post. I got my sword ready,its double edged and its sharper than any other dagger, blade or shank! If you cant back it up, dont bother cause im ready for combat! Keep this in mind, better yet check the quote in the title of my Blog above!

*REVISED* I just added the clip of The Way of the Master programming, its the first track on the player on the right. --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->

The Love of God by Spurgeon!

Whatever I believe, or do not believe, the command to love my neighbor as myself still retains its claim upon me, and God forbid that any views or opinions should so contract my soul, and harden my heart as to make me forget this law of love! The love of God is first, but this by no means lessens the obligation of love to man; in fact, the first command includes the second. We are to seek our neighbor’s conversion because we love him.

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