Wednesday, June 25

Free B.Morr & Teddy P Track "God Glorified", Thoughts of Death & Rockland here we come!

A lil update for anyone that doesn't read my Blog! We were approved, we are closing on the Condo July 1st, 2008! Praise the Almighty and Living GOD! I stand in awe of you my LORD!!

This video is sooooooo awesome, in one word GRACE!!

Free B.Morr and Teddy P>>> God Glorified Track!!
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Thoughts of Death by Spurgeon

Some of you never think of dying, and yet you should. You say you may live long: you may, and you may not. If there were a great number of loaves upon this table, and you were to eat one every day; if you were told that one of those loaves had poison in it, I think you would begin every one with great caution; and knowing that one of them would be your death, you would take each up with silent dread. Now you have so many days, and in one of these days there is the poison of death. I do not know which one. It may be in tomorrow; it may not be until many a day has gone. But I think you ought to handle all your days with holy jealousy.


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