Wednesday, October 29

Take a break from everything and read!

Do you know how to juggle beats better than you know the contents of scripture?

What do you spend more time doing - practicing your lyricism or learning of the God of scripture from His Word?

Do you spend more time reading systematic theologies than the Bible?

Do you spend more time watching and listening to sermons ABOUT the Bible, Christ and sound doctrine than you do actually reading your Bible and getting into these things directly?

In the past three months, how much has your understanding and knowledge of the things of God grown? What do you know now that you didn't know three months ago?

Have you spent more time on the internet (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) than you have in your Bible?

Are you treating the Bible as a supplement to the Christian life?

If you don't expect to be able to run a marathon without consistent daily, intense workout, or become a doctor without years of study, what makes you think you can live the Christian life properly with only 2-3 verses a day of Bible reading?

Has your 'Christian vocabulary' grown, or are you still asking people to simplify everything for you because you 'don't have time to go through and learn all those theological words'? (most of which are found in the Bible!)

Do you care about right doctrine and teaching in all areas, or do you think it doesn't matter because everyone has their own beliefs ? Would you apply that in the process of choosing a doctor to perform heart surgery for you ? How about to finding a mechanic to fix a $1500 problem on your only vehicle for work and the family?

Are you content with where you are in your walk right now? If not, what are you doing to grow?

What are you doing to daily deny yourself and kill sin?

Is your understanding of the faith childLIKE or childISH?

All gut check questions. You don't HAVE to respond publicly. Just a little something to push you onto maturity in the faith.
Pro 18:2 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.


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