Friday, May 22

New Music!!

I just added some Tedashii Joints from his upcoming album Identity Crisis, tight stuff!!

Cop it it drops on Tuesday you can find anywhere!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Congrats to my Boy Mitch on his new addition Lilly!!


Joshua Kinney said...

Hey whats your opinion/viewpoint with author lee strobel?

After view'n your post about false teachers with the doctrine, the whole shack thing, really reconsidered my approach to who I want feeding my mind outside God's Word.

The Real Pae said...

What's up Joshua!

I want to thank you for checking my blog, I hope I can help you with your question. Concerning Lee Strobel, I personal have read many of the "Case for..." series, it's been a while since I have picked one up, but as far as I'm concerned I don't recall any blatant nor obvious major discourse. I will say this Lee endorses a figure by the name of Robert Schuller who to me and many others, consider a heretic. I will give you a reason why Robert falls into that category:

Go to this link >>>

So my question would be this, does Lee Strobel support Schuller's idealogy? If so I would have an issue with Strobel, understand me, Joshua? So with that said and done, there are too many authors that are sound and teach great doctrine and theology, for me to b a bit weary about someone I have questions about. I am very selective and careful about who I read or am taught from, no matter how subtle the idea!

I will recommend some excellent authors who I have no questions about and trust their theology and doctrine, here they go:

-John MacArthur
-John Piper
-C J Mahaney
-Mark Driscoll
-Voddie Baucham
-R C Sproul

A couple of good sites are:

Hey send me your contact we can further this, I have a lot more resources too!


Kinney said...

Ya i completely understand that. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it to the highest degree.

I am soaked in Piper's and MacArthur's books, biblical commentaries, sermons, etc. Just heard of Voddie Bauchman and Mark Driscoll in the book I am reading now, The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. I really enjoy Bauchman's approach!

I love your blog and def will be supporting it and checking periodically for updates, using it as a resource.

Contact information: Joshua Kinney -

The Real Pae said...

I misspelled a couple of things in my comment.

The main thing was:

Im glad you are in knowledge of sound preachers/teachers.

I will be in contact!!


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