Monday, July 27

Mont Lawn Camp - I LUV THIS PLACE


> We went to the Poconos for vacation, we originally had plans to go
> to New Hampshire, those plans fell through! However, we were able to
> get a house in the Poconos for the time we originally planned. We
> are still here and we are having a wonderful time, it's nothing
> ridiculous but I am surely having a better time than when I went to
> the Bahamas, Florida, and other places. I love the country, I love
> the simplicity of just living on bare essentials. I don't like the
> hustling and bustling while on vacation, I live in NY there is
> enough of that at home! While here we visited Mont Lawn Camp, where
> I worked at for 3 years, what an awesome place, this chapel is on
> the camp grounds truly a beautiful place!
> Thank you Lord for the opportunity to relax with family and in Your
> presence! Tomorrow we go back home and honestly I don't want to go
> back, but that is just how I feel, and it's not that I'm not content
> with home, it's just that it's so relaxing and less strenuous on
> vacation! But Lord I am thankful for all that you have given us,
> thank you for this break!

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