Wednesday, January 5

Projects That Have Dropped & Will Be Dropping soon! ~Flame & LeCrae...


Flame dropped an Album the last week in 2010, the name of the Album is "Captured". Its a tight project, listen to this joint here here!

You can cop it on Amazon, iTunes, &

Here's another track from "Captured" called "Nonsense"

This is the Promo Vid for "Captured"


Now, for an upcoming project, well as you may already know, Lecrae dropped an Album last September named "Rehab", well on January 11, 2011 "Rehab: The OverDose" is dropping. Im excited about this one, I love "Rehab" but this project is gonna go HARD!!

This is the Promo Vid:

Here's the single, you can cop it at iTunes, this one is called "OverDose"

You can cop both these projects on Amazon, iTunes, and their individual sites, however keep in mind that "Rehab: The Overdose" isn't dropping till the 11th!

C'ya soon!

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