Thursday, April 20

I have been a Bad Host!!

I have been the most terrible Host ever, I invite you into my home and forget all about you, and tell you nothing at all!!

I just abandon you in my home, I start a conversation and rudely walk away and neglect all of yous!!

Im such a bad host, bad Host Lester!

Im sorry guys, alot has happened since we last spoke, we have been very busy and preparing for our move on the 29th of April!

Like I mentioned before we found an apartment in Yonkers, and Carmen has almost secured a job, she has had 3, I believe 3 Job offers but she is waiting on a particular Agency affiliated with Albert Einstein Hospital, thats the job she really wants, and we know and trust that it will all work out! So far every Interview she has gone to has offered her the job, but when you are a hot commodity like my wife, you get to choose where and how much you want, now all this in retrospect to what God wants for us, of course!!

So now it's a week before we move and we need help packing, we just dont know where to start? We put our books away in boxes, but everything else is like stuff that we need until we move?? Man we are experts at this moving stuff by now, but we cant get packing!! Im scheduled to work till the day before we move and I have to wear a suit to work everyday, boy I aint gonna miss that!! So I have to leave the suits out right?? We have kids, they need their toys, otherwise they will be bored to death!! We need to eat so the food cant be packed away yet!

We need help! We are tired, exhausted, Carmen has had to make last minute trips to New York for interviews and things like that, and its tough keeping the house stright with the kids around, so we have a mess, and we need to pack!! Feel me! Ahh, Im just venting family, I just need to let this out, we will be ok, and we will be fine, we will be ready for next Saturday, and Everything will turn out just fine, God is on our side! He will give us strength!

I forgot to mention that I will heading into NY on Friday right after work, and drop off the kids with their Grandparents, Pick up my moms, uncle, cousin, sister and brother in law that same evening and head back to RI, so they can be at my house in the morning to help us move! Sounds like a nice smooth day, but Im soooo grateful to all of them for their willingness to come out the prior night to help us move, I thank Jesus for them all!!

Ok, im signing off guys, there is more but let me procrastinate! Just kidding, there is more but I dont want to bore you, and let you hear me complain and rant about MY LiFE!

See ya! Luv yA, Smell ya soon!


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