Monday, March 27

WHATS GOING ON!!! I have been extremely busy at work so...

I havent had the time to keep the Blog updated, but Im back and With more consistency!!

I have great news!

This weekend we took a trip to New York for various reasons:

1. Carmen had a Job interview in Beacon NY, it went well, however she didnt feel that it was going to a perfect fit, but the interview went on for close to 2 hours, that to me sounds like a good interview, right??
Anyways, Carmen is an asset to any place that would hire her, she is definitely a "HOT COMMODITY"!!
And Im not just saying that because she's my wife, she possesses excellent work ethics, and her commitment to get the job done is supperb! She is gifted for the area in which she chose for a career, and being a spanish speaking person only adds to her strengths. Being a Christian makes her 100% better at what she does (Whic is Master's Level Licensed Clinical Social Worker).
And again as we were looking at apartments in the Orange County, New York area, Carmen gets in contact with her fromer Bronx Employer, where she worked before we came to Rhode Island, and it happens that they are looking for an Assistant Director in the Social Workers Dept. Anyhow, getting to the meat of it, they are interested in re-hiring Carmen for that position and the pay is wonderful. The job is like 98% hers.

2. We went apartment hunting in Walden, Beacon, Newburgh, Marlboro, Maybrook, Middletown, Bloomingburg, Peekskill, Ossining, and finally Yonkers. We must have seen 15-20 apartments from Friday to Sunday! Finally it was really tough to decide, we loved these condos in Middletown, man we really liked them, but 1.5 hr commute from the Bronx to Middletown can take a toll on a person, we decided on an apartment in Yonkers in the north Yonkers section, really nice neighborhood and the apartment was awesome, in a thirteen family building!

We are heading back to NY, MAY 1st, the apartment is I would say 75% ours. We are waiting for the Landlord to check our credit and references, which we have no doubt that will come up superb. We have an excellent track record.

Anyhow, we are excited that we are going back to the NY! It feels good to know that we are going back HOME!! WE are not of this world, and we are not of Rhode Island also!

So we are taking all the volunteers that we can to help us move, we need ya help either here in Rhode Island or in Yonkers when we arrive! So sign up the sheet is going around!

Hey, remember the LORD's Hand is upon us, and we are coming back STRONG!!





Shok said...


Were Neighbors! Let me know when u know what date your moving in...


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