Thursday, March 2

Sorry guys! It takes time to be on top of the blog, and I have to be more consistent I admit!! I left ya hanging, right?

Well, Im going to try to finish my Testimony tomorrow, today is payroll, I work at a Bank and it is extremely busy today, it's been busy all week!!

I apologize for not being on top of my postings!!

Anyhow how has everyone been? I hope you guys have so far had a great week, and I want to address a particular person whom responded to my Blog:

Dear Discouraged Reader, I am so sorry for not following up to your message earlier, I will definitely make it my business to check comments more often, I actually try, but like I mentioned before I had been very busy this week. Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to visit my Blog, and like always feel free to comment and contribute!!

I will leave you guys with a little challenge if I may call it that, they are actually called Stereograms, I have always loved these pictures, basically they are hidden pictures within other picture, they seem to pop out like 3-D!

The trick is cross your eyes, stare, and move closer or back until you can make out the inner image, Good Luck!

Enjoy! Here are a few:

An easy one, For you ocean lovers! See it? I do!!

This one is cool, a little more difficult to see, lets see if you can see it!

This is one my favs, a little more challenging, lets see if it becomes yours!

Aight I hope you guys had some fun with these!! I will see ya tomorrow, and I will definitely finish my Testimony!!

See Ya, Love Ya!


One, Les!

I covet your comments, I'm a needy dude! Spoil Me!!


Lester Diaz said...

Hi, Thank you for your comments!
Tell me what you saw in each Stereogram, the objects that is!

Or if you couldn't!!

Love ya!


Teresa said...

Hello give us a little hint hint. The only thing i saw in the second one was some birds and i think like two people on the bottom who knows as for the first one its like a big blue picture can't see nothing. Give me a little something something of a hint. I love this things. And its crazy cause once you figured it out you just always see and then think how you couldn't see it when it was in your face. God bless.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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