Friday, March 3

Part 3! My Testimony!

Hey, Im going to try to finish My Testimony today! Aight! If I don't finish then the check is in the mail!

When I last left off we had just had an encounter with that baglady at the Beach in Ft. Lauderdale, and we went back home a bit perplexed, yet life went on, and we shortly forgot about that encounter, but it was still in the back of our minds.

About the third week in Miami, I found a job working at a store equivalent to Macy's, it was called Burdines of Florida, it was an awesome store, and I worked the Visual Display Department, I loved my Job, and I was the only straight male on the whole Visual Display Team, and there was 15 staff members on the team, and 2 were females. My job involved various and multiple tasks, from setting up specialty shops, promotions (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, many different name labels) cosmetics, and fragrances (I got to meet Oscar D'Larenta, he wanted my hair for some odd reason, I think he had water in the canoe too!) dressing up manequins, coming up with creative concepts, our job was to make everthing appealing to the eyes, we were also a flaqship and prototype store, that meant that we got alot of creative liberties, and the best budget to advertise!

Moving along, I began to become very bored in Miami, I believe that when I first got the job I didnt have a car, so I couldnt do much, and my sis was always out, and my brother was into video games, hanging bumming out. I got really disinterested quick, and I wanted to smoke more, but I didnt know where to get it. I had introduced my brother to MaryJane a few years back, and he really didnt have any connex. So I was sad. I met this lady, who had demonstarted an interest in me (she being from New York also), she was older, and I was not interested in her at all, but I didnt have much friends, so her friendship was reciprocated. She had a son, and he became my smoking buddy, in fact, it was kinda ackward, cause I wasnt interested in his mom at all, and his mom used to tell him that she dug me. Weird, but hey I wanted to get high, and they had the connex.

About this time, maybe like 6 weeks into living in Miami, my dad and I bought a car, I saved up enough money to pay for more than half and my dad helped me out, I bought my first car, a Nissan 300ZX two seater, a sports car, it was an old car, but it was in mint condition, and we got a good deal on it. I was one happy camper, oh I forgot to mention that around this time I also moved in with my dad to Hialeah. Interesting time, Alice knows!

Ok, so now I have a good paying job, because I came from New York, and I had some prior experience working Visual Display, they upped my pay, and I was chilling! I had a car, I could get around, and I was getting my smoke on, and then I started to go clubbing, coming from that environment, being a club promoter in New York and all. I also bumped into an old friend, let's call him Crazy Rob. (Chin the moment you have been waiting for!) Actually, my boy Chin, you know him as Alex, told me that Crazy Rob lived in Kendall, and I was like yo, I know Kendall, my sis lives there. So I get up with C-Rob. C-Rob had his own crib, a nice crib too, the complex had a Gym, pool, game room, and many other things. Rob had a two bedroom apartment, and he had just broken up with his girlfriend, or something like that, I never quite got the whole story right. But, Rob was an interesting character. Rob had a nice whip (Car) I think it was a BMW or something like it, but the problem was that his license was suspended, and I didnt know why, I didnt really care, but at this point I was a bit happy to have found some kind of remnant from the past, a friend: Crazy Rob.

C-Rob was very meticulous and liked things a certain way, I used to crash at his crib alot cause we used to hang out late, clubing and all, and He supposedly used to go to school, more on that to come. Rob also used to come home loaded with mad cash at times, he used to show it to me, and it was alot of cash. Oh, I forgot to mention that I somewhat became Rob's chauffer. Rob had this raspy voice, and for some odd reason he didnt like to tell people that he was Dominican, he used to insist to tell people that he was Italian, oh and by the way he didnt look Dominican, he was fair skin and he could get away with saying that he was Italian, heh.

Rob was into material things and making money, I was into being happy, and just chilling, money was and still isnt an aspiration for me. I just want to live with peace. So Rob used to bug out, really bug out. For some reason he rubbed people the wrong way, girls in Miami werent too found of him, he used to have that "it's your lost mentality", and it wasnt working. Im not the most handsome fellow in the world but hey I "had" game. But Rob was responcible for alot of lonely nights, Just the Two of us!

Hey, I don't realize how long, and detailed my Testimony is, so once again I have to say I will continue later!

Remember that was the past, and today I am a new creature in Christ!!

See ya and I love ya, and have a good weekend!! Mi Gente!!

JESUS loves ya!

One, Les


Yo chin you better comment!

Hey keep em coming peeps!



Alicia said...

I just wanted to add to what my brother was saying about Crazy Rob I spent my fair share of time with him and my brother and it's a few things that stood out in my mind. His breakup with his ex-girlfriend was devastating to him.When I came over all he would do is talk about her, I mean imagine this grown guy almost crying and just cursing her and going on and on about how things ended he even pulled out the ring to show us I think he even told us how much the ring cost.I don't really remember.Everytime I'd come over I'd see myself playing counselor to him lol. He always wanted to know what I thought you know a girl's point of view, it was funny and I really didn't mind at the time he was very entertaining. I just know Lester was so tired of hearing it it was hilarious, but hey Les was livin it up in Crazy Rob's crib it was the price to pay. There's more but I don't want to ruin it. Thats for Lester to tell!!!

Alicia said...
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Alex said...

Alicia / Lester,

I was good friends with Crazy Rob and we have alot of history together along with Shawn. I can attest that Crazy Rob was not an easy guy to deal with. Since I know this kid so well, I find this part of Les testimony hilarious. When he broke up with that chick, he called me practically everyday, I feel your pain. Did you guys know he stalked her. Anyway, continue Les.

Discouraged Reader said...

Dear Discouraged Writer,

I have a quick question. Are you only going to post something once a week. I see this blog going downhill....

Anonymous said...

I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

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