Thursday, March 27

WAKE UP!! Oh slumbering Christian!!

Man, this is part three of the BET series, all I can say is that I was balling at the end!!

WAKE UP! We are called to minister in this manner! Be prepared in and out of season! Study to show thyself approved for the belief you proclaim! WAKE UP!

Spurgeon's Conversion

I think that the best holy day I ever spent (yes, I think I must put it as high as that,) was the day of my conversion. There was a novelty and freshness about that first day which made it like the day in which a man first sees the light after having been long blind. My conversion day, shall I ever forget it? — when my heart began to beat with spiritual life, and the lungs of my soul began to heave with prayer, and the hands of my soul were stretched out to grasp my Lord, and the eyes of my soul beheld His beauty . Ay, — that was a very blessed sight, but what will it be to see him face to face?


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