Thursday, April 3

What are you saved for?

Hey are you a Christian?

This kid could preach! This kid could PREACH!

Hey I'ma ask you again, Are you a Christian?

Difficult Doctrines by Spurgeon
I often get confused over doctrines that puzzle me. I see this to be true, and that to be true, but, how to reconcile the two I know not; then the thought of the daybreak comes in so comfortably. “What you know not now, you shall know hereafter.” Here it is not good for us to know all things. In some respects it is the glory of God to conceal Himself, and He may well say to us — "I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.” But there it will be the glory of God to reveal himself, and it will also be to our benefit, our minds being then fortified and strengthened to receive, what we could not comprehend here below. Perhaps the glare of the divine light, if it comes to us here, even though tempered by the Mediator Himself, might be to much for these poor eyes of ours.

Father Help Me Lord! Help me!

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