Tuesday, April 22

The Hour of Death

The Hour of Death by Spurgeon

Lord, make me to know that I am so frail that I may die at any time, early morning, noon, night, midnight, cockcrow. I may die in any place; if I am in the house of sin, I may die there, if I am in the place of worship, I may die there. I may die in the street: I may die while undressing to-night. I may die in my sleep; die before I get to my work to-morrow morning. I may die in any occupation. But God grant I may never die a blasphemer. I may die with the cup of communion at my lips; I may die preaching; I may die singing. In all, grant I may die as I wish to die, doing your service for the love of Christ by the power of your spirit. Perhaps, as I stand here and readily speak, the arrow is on its way; soon may the hand He stretched, and dumb the mouth that lisps this faltering strain. Oh! may it never intrude upon an ill-spent hour, but find me wrapt in meditation, and hymning my great Creator, or serving my fellow-man with love to God, or in some way so laboring that it shall not come to me as a thief in the night, but shall find me watching, ready for His advent.

Won, C'YA!

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