Monday, July 21

Its been a minute, couple of things...

First and foremost, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, I have been really busy, we closed on the condo, I did renovations to the apartment, painted, converted the dining room into a bedroom, and many other things. I want to thank God for allowing us a smooth transition into the condo we took a mortgage on, Praise God! We are truly blessed to have this opportunity, my kids and wife are very happy to be moved into the new place!

Secondly, I will be posting more regularly, and with that said one of the ministries that has blessed me greatly is having financial difficulties. I want to post their link where you can read their letter concerning this matter. Its time to give back, they have blessed many! Go to this link WOTMR, they are a ministry that never asks for money, so if they are asking, then they need! They encourage one of the most neglected commissions Christ urged >>> Evangelism!!

And lastly for today:

Spurgeon of the day!

Compassion For Souls by Spurgeon
Let me beseech you to believe that it is needful as well as justifiable that you should feel compassion for the sons of men. You all desire to glorify Christ by becoming soul-winners—I hope you do—and be it remembered that, other things being equal, he is the fittest in God's hand to win souls who pities souls most. I believe he preaches best who loves best, and in the Sunday-school and in private life each soul-seeker shall have the blessing very much in proportion to his yearning for it. Paul becomes a savior of many because his heart's desire and prayer to God is that they may be saved. If you can live without souls being converted, you shall live without their being converted; but if your soul breaks for the longing that it has towards Christ's glory and the conversion of the ungodly, if like her of old you say, "Give me children, or I die," your insatiable hunger shall be satisfied, the craving of your spirit shall be gratified. Oh! I would to God there should come upon us a divine hunger which cannot stay itself except men yield themselves to Jesus; an intense, earnest, longing, panting desire that men should submit themselves to the gospel of Jesus. This will teach you better than the best college training how to deal with human hearts. This will give the stammering tongue the ready word; the hot heart shall burn the cords which held fast the tongue. You shall become wise to win souls, even though you never exhibit the brilliance of eloquence or the force of logic.

C'ya Soon!

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