Thursday, July 24

These shenanigans are still going, its Biblical that stuff like this would be popular!

So, I kinda stopped looking into this "So Called Revival" however, every so often I youtube stuff and find new unamazing things concerning this heresy, I caught this baptism service going on in Lakeland, and I was appalled, and like the Scriptures insinuate Paul would also be appalled this Gospel is a disgrace to him!!

Watch the vid:

So now we have a Holy Spirit that fabricates lies for us and through us, not only that but its borderline sacrilegious to baptize in the name of "bam", maybe its just me, but all I can say is Lord help us! Maybe are and wil be deceived, the Word backs it up! I have yet to find someone that can really make me think twice concerning this garbage, no Scriptural backing, no Biblical credibility what so ever!

Go support a ministry that really stands for Biblical Gospel, Truth and Uncompromising Faith! <<<>

The Reason Sinners Live by Spurgeon
Read the Ten Commandments, and pause at each one, and confess that you have broken it either in thought, or word, or deed. Remember that by a glance we may commit adultery, by a thought we may be guilty of murder, by a desire we may steal. Sin is any want of conformity to perfect holiness, and that want of conformity is justly chargeable upon every one of us. Yet the Lord does not, under the gospel dispensation, deal with us according to Law. He does not now sit on the throne of judgment, but He looks down upon us from the throne of grace. Not the iron rod, but the silver scepter, is held over us. The long-suffering of God rules the age, and Jesus the Mediator is the gracious Lord-lieutenant of the dispensation. Instead of destroying offending man from off the face of the earth, the Lord comes near to us in loving condescension, and pleads with us by His Spirit, saying, “You have sinned, but my Son has died. In him I am prepared to deal with you in a way of pure mercy and unmingled grace.”

O sinner, the fact that you are alive proves that God is not dealing with you according to strict justice, but in patient forbearance; every moment you live is another instance of omnipotent long-suffering. It is the sacrifice of Christ which arrests the axe of justice, which else must execute you. The barren tree is spared because the great Dresser of the vineyard, who bled on Calvary, intercedes and cries, “Let it alone this year also.” O my hearer, it is through the shedding of the blood and the mediatorial reign of the Lord Jesus that you are at this moment on praying ground and pleading terms with God! Apart from the blood of atonement you would now be past hope, shut up for ever in the place of doom. But see how the great Father bears with you! He stands prepared to hear your prayer, to accept your confession of sin, to honor your faith, and to save you from your sin through the sacrifice of his dear Son.

Until then, go serve your King! C'ya!

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