Friday, December 19

Penn is an atheist, he's from Penn and Teller fame, this will convict you CHRISTIAN!

Christian are you doing your job?
I confess Im guilty, Lord have mercy on me and those have have never heard!

Now on a lighter note...

Here's Johnny

See ya soon!


Michelle said...

Hermano, I was speechless. I can't believe I'm going to say this about an atheist's video... I want my friends to watch it!

Thanks for sharing that! Wow!

I hope you and your beautiful familia are doing well and staying warm - I heard it's very snowy in NY. :)

God bless,


The Real Pae said...

Hey Michelle

Yeah the weather out here is crazy, for lack of better words.

That video was a must post for me, its very thought provoking right?

I hope you had a great CHRISTmas and A Happy New Year SIS!!

Make sure you check my pastors latest sermons AWESOME!!

Be blessed!

Sola Dei Gloria!


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