Tuesday, January 6

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I gotta say that its been a good start so far, my Pastor preached Fire last year, and he's still fanning the flames!! Man New Years Day Sermon was just amazing entitled "Consider your Ways" and last Sundays sermon was in continuation of the Ephesians Expository Series, that was entitled "Dead in Trespasses and Sin" Im posting them directly on my Blog so make sure you peep them, remember ***these are serious! This aint child's play, so if you aint serious about HIM, dont even bother!! And if you want to get serious just Listen!!

"Dead in Trespasses and Sin"

"Consider Your Ways"

I hope these bless and challenge you to step your game up!!

Sola Dei Gloria

"All men alike stand condemned, not by alien codes of ethics, but by their own, and all men therefore are conscious of guilt." - C. S. Lewis

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Michelle said...

This week, I took some time to listen to those two sermons.

We're one year closer to death. And one year closer to the return of Jesus Christ... so true.

They were both great sermons! "Consider Your Ways" has especially challenged me. Thank you for sharing those audios on your blog.

Brother, you are are so incredibly blessed to have such a godly pastor. Wow!!!! We're still looking for a good church here. We've been looking since we moved here to Arkansas in Jun '08! :P

God bless you and your familia! Be bold!


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