Friday, January 30

A day in the life of a Martyr...

Shai Linne has this awesome album called Storiez, its a project comprised of songs that depict stories, each song is deeply profound, and of course every song strives to Glorify our Maker Jesus Christ, one of my favorite verses on the album is on this song called "Martyrs" Im going to post the lyrics to JSon's verse (you can also listen to the song on my Player on the right, its the first song), here it goes, enjoy:

Martyrs (off Shai Linne's album "Storiez"
written by j. watson, c. njoroge, b. davis, s. linne, m. stokes

The Time: 20th Century

The Place: China
The Martyr: A young girl


We would gather so Pastor could season us Christians

We were pleased just to hear the reading of Scripture

Because here in Asia, we can’t worship like the States

Because servants of grace might be murdered for their faith

So we give Christ the praises secretly, we ain’t treated equally

Even on today our bible study’s held illegally

As Pastor opened to read from the first sentence

Communist soldiers kicked the door straight off the hinges

I knew this could happen for accepting His precious gift

They threaten to kill us with guns clutched within their fist

I’m shaken and scared even though Jesus is my everything

I don’t know if I’m prepared to die at the age of seventeen

The leading official turned to my pastor and looked

Put a gun to his face and told him “Hand over the book!”

He reluctantly handed over the text that he so adored

They laughed as he grabbed it and it was smashed to the floor

I was truly grieved as I looked in his eyes

He said, “Any of you can leave if you spit on this book of lies!”

A man walked up, cried as he fell to the floor

“Father forgive me”- “Leave! Now you can go!”

I trembled with fear my mind started to think about death

Hair leaking with sweat I thought my heart would beat through my chest

A woman that walked up next spit on the Bible and left

The official shot in the air of the air continued yelling out threats

I was tempted to do it- I just wanted to leave

The moment I thought this, I felt overwhelmingly grieved

I gritted my teeth, tears began to stream down my face

I needed some faith I just started to think on His grace

In my head I said “forget it” as I walked toward the text

Kneeled to the floor, wiped the spit off the Bible with my dress

To live is Christ, to die is gain ain’t a popular song

I said, “Father forgive them" as I was shot in the dome!

If you have a hard time interpreting the lyrics, just ask I will decrypt it for you, lol!!



Gideon Valor said...

That's a great song, I like that album. Although it's not my favorite.

Tommy said...

Tight verse

The Real Pae said...

That verse alone is sick, very compelling!

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