Tuesday, June 23

All I gotta say is MA$E You HERETIC!!

Today Im dedicating this post to the heretic Mason Betha otherwise known as MA$E! He gets re-inducted into my Heretics Hall of Shame, along with the like such as CREFLO DOLLAR, RICK WARREN, TODD BENTLEY, PATRICIA KING, BOB JONES, RICK JOYNER, BENNY HINN, HAROLD CAMPING, TD JAKES, JESUS MIRANDA, JOEL OSTEEN, and MANY, MANY, MANY MORE!!!

Watch this, this is a response to the video that follows right below!!

This dude is such a fake!!!

Now listen to this song, its tight concerning MASE!!!

C'ya Soon! More to come who shall I pick on next?? Any suggestions??


Kinney said...

oooowweeeee. That was strong! But what about all these cats buy'n 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. What's up with him. I never read the book but people testify of heirisy, right?

Kinney said...

warren is such a heretic!!!!!

The Real Pae said...

Whats up Bruh

I agree with you Kinney, I actually couldn't remember that dudes name, I was like that purpose driven dude whats his name, LOL! Yeah man, I agree I actually think Rick Warren is one of the more dangerous types cuz he is soooo subtle and he sounds sound!! Nah Mean?? Bruh!

Anywho, ima add the dude to the hall of Shame right now!! Actually, he was already there, I just couldnt remember the dudes name!!

Won, Les!

Kinney said...

haha for real! ah ya I actually had to look it up. But nah man, I checked out some of his junk last night and it blew my mind. They sell his stuff all up in the Christian book stores and I see people swarm'n to buy em'.

And last night I checked out this, "Experiencing God" bible study up at a new church by my house and one of the students was like, "This [the study we doin, its actually like a 40 day thing] is a lot similar to the Purpose Driven Life." The Pastor was like ya it is, so I was like dang should I bounce outa here or whhat!!

The Real Pae said...

I wouldnt advise you to leave yet, matter of fact I wouldn't listen to anyone concerning leaving your current church, however you need to be attentive to the voice of the Lord in this matter, only God can determine when its time to leave. With that said, that Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby I believe Im familiar with, isnt the worst it can be worst fosure. Hey check out www.9marks.com and see if there are any churches in your area, Mark Dever is an awesome teacher and he will not lead you in the wrong direction.

Holla Bruh!

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