Tuesday, June 16

Interesting stuff &The state of so-called Gospel Music!!

This past weekend I got to see a bunch Christian Artists in Concert, it started with Reach Records "Dont Waste Your Life Tour" on Friday at Christian Tabernacle, my son and I went, it was a lot of fun, and I gotta say that I saw the Gospel being played out through a series of songs throughout the Concert, it was awesome!! I love the theme of the whole concert, its a concept! If you can catch em near you do so!! Check dates and locations here!!

We also went to Jones Beach on Saturday and Sunday for some FREE Concerts, we got to see Michelle Bonilla, P.O.D. (though I am not a fan of them), KUTLESS, Delirious, Jars of Clay, and The Dont Waste Your Life Team Again!! It was absolutely an awesome weekend, full of entertainment and Ministry!! My wife and daughter came out to the Jones Beach portion of the Concerts, and we had a great time, just like the old days!!

Moving Along...
I love the comparison my Bruh is doing here, he is on to something, I know a lot of people not gonna like what he got to say, however, The truth hurts, right?? Check it!!

This is Passion for Christ Ministries doing a great segment on the subject of Homosexuality!!
Check it!!


Kinney said...

So i peeped at these video's, lovin it by the way, but question for you. With the first video, if one is inheriting alot of riches so to say, for example, income is high the past two months, they are astonished, they are being blessed with many different things, materialistic and spirituall. Would it be fruitful to share with others that, "Yo, God is been so just and faithful to me lately. Idk why or what, but he's blessing me to the fullest?" Or even such honoring to the Lord this way isnt the best of ways to glorify Him?

Idk, that's the best way I could ask that question, sounded better in my head.

The Real Pae said...

Sup Kinney?

If I understand correctly, this would be my response to you, its a multi-part answer:

1. I have to clarify a couple of things, being "blessed" monetary, physically and tangibly doesnt translate into God's faithfulness, see God is faithful regardless of what HE has blessed us with whether that looks like riches or poverty. What I'm saying is simply this God's justice and faithfulness doesnt look like what we think it is, what we as humans see as a blessing, we have to learn to be content in every situation whether poor or wealthy. And when we are prospering in the tangibles our worship and gratitude ought to be the same at all times, I know that is easier said than done, but being blessed to the "fullest" is true for Christians at all times not just when we feel that we are being blessed, smell me?

2. The point of the video (at least part of the point) has to do with so called "Gospel artists" yet no gospel in the song or message of the song. How can you call yourself a Gospel artist yet not even share the "Gospel" in your songs? The Bible says (paraphrased)that "faith comes by hearing and hearing of the Word of God...", you cannot expect for people to be saved by a misrepresentation of the Gospel, cause as far as Im concerned the Gospel according to Mary Mary is that if God is in me, than I will be envied, blessed monetary, blessed with things too! Im sorry the full Gospel, actually the Gospel has nothing to with me, it's all about Christ What HE did, and has done in obedience to the Father! It's all about HIM and HIM alone!! We happen to be the recipients of HIS grace, and therefore imputed righteousness, and "if" and that is a big if, IF GOD Chooses to bestow upon us the Gift of salvation, then we are Blessed, but not because of what HE is gonna do, but because of what HE has already done.

By the way I didnt do that video, I just posted it. However, I am in agreement with the creator of that video, my biggest problem with this Mary Mary kinda stuff is the underline message that is being relayed, which is a subtle one, that message is simply this, if you watched their video for the song, and all their recent promo stuff, they are so vain, they are promoting a God that doesnt have enmity with humanity, that is a huge danger! The message of modern day popular "Christian Reps" is that God is Love, and there is truth to that, however the same way God loves He also hates, I can show you and harmonize that through Scripture, its Biblical! That in itself is part of the Gospel, but its not popular, thats the God the world rejects, and its ok, because I dont know if you know but not everyone is called and chosen!!

Im gonna cut this here, cause I can go on and on, but if you like we can continue this further, just holla, and I will be back. I hope I explained myself clearly. I want to add, that as long as the motive and understanding that "blessings" dont determine whether God is with me or not, He is faithful in all circumstances! Ima leave you with two of my favorite Scripture verses:

Philipians 1:29
For it has been granted to you (Christians)that for the sake of Christ you (Christians) should not only believe in Him but also suffer for His sake...

2 Timothy 3:12
Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted...

The only ones who desire to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus are those are called; otherwise known as Christians

Think about those and tell me how they harmonize with Mary Mary's message of prosperity.

Sola Dei Gloria
Glory to God Alone


Kinney said...

Socratic, but understandable. I def get it. You really answered my question and ones that might have posed around it. I understand that GOd is faithful to us always and part of our worship is to recognize that living a life of continual sacrifice is our call of spiritual worship. So I do get it.

And I see Mary Mary, I guess there name, is not linear with the Gospel or Salvation, especially putting the listed Bible verses at prospective.

Have a blessed day man

Grace and Peace

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