Tuesday, January 26

2 THINGS with this POSTING!! A Teaser of Lion and Liars by Sho Baraka and Driscoll in Haiti!!! & More!!!

First, I'm gonna post 2 teaser videos of what you can expect on Sho Baraka's upcoming project LIONS & Liars dropping March 30, 2010!!! This is probably one of the most slept on talents on Reach Records, I love his first project and Barakaology Mixtape, but this project is just gonna be off the HOOK!!!

Here is the second video, not the greatest this was recorded at the EnterMission Concert, so forgive the quality, however you can tell this is gonna be a banger:

Before I go to the main feature I want to mention that a friend of mine dropped an album, his name is Jay Cabassa and the album is entitled "All For The Love" produced by a good friend of mine Gabe of Freequency Productions! Cop it, the genre is consider Urban Worship, if you like R n B, Soul, Gospel and Hip Hop, you will definitely enjoy this, so support a local Brother from the NYC!!!

Listen to snippets and Cop it HERE!!!

Now for the main feature:
This is a bit longer, but well worth the watch, this video is of Mark Driscoll's 32 Hour trip to Haiti, and this truly brings Driscoll to a new light, not that I had any negative views of him, but this truly reveals his heart and motive, The Love of the Lord!!! Thanks Lee, for putting me up on this!!

C'Ya Soon!

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