Sunday, January 17

One of the most Amazing Evangelistic encounters I have seen!!

Here "Downtown" Leon Brown from goes 1 on 1 with a couple of homosexuals, it's truly amazing, places a sense of who they really are, Humans in need of Jesus Christ, redemption and repentance!!!

What's so awesome about this encounter?? Well, for one, Leon just showed you that we don't really have to address the issue of homosexuality in one on one encounters. In light of the Gospel we all are sinners, and yes I personally agree that the bible says that homosexuality is an abomination to God. However, just like the homosexual, liars, thieves, and idolators have to repent too! Watch the Video, comment if you like!

Watch this video too!! This last one here hits home, this is the condition of many "American Christians".

Pray for em!

C'Ya! Soon!

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Anonymous said...

YES!! Love your heart and biblical approach. Keep it up. I'm encourage fam!


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