Tuesday, December 11

...Got Rims, Got Whips, Got Ice...Still Broke HomeBoy...NO CHRIST!!!...

This song is one of my favs from Trip Lee It's called "Cash or Christ" featuring Lecrae, its an oldie but of course a goodie. It's recorded at a concert, check it out, enjoy, and consider buying Trip Lee's "If they only knew" Hot CD or Lecrae's "When the music stops" Sick! Visit their Ministry Reach Records site here and go to their store here if you wanna cop or go to 3hmp3.com here to buy Trip Lee or Here for Lecrae as a MP3 Download!

And now for a word from our favorite sponsor Mr. Spurgeon himself:
Reminding Men of Death
Men have been helped to live by remembering that they must die.

See ya soon!

Keep It Won Hundred!!

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