Sunday, December 30

The last Rule and An awesome Spoken word called "You just lost one!"

Check out this Girl she has been in the mainstrem limelight Spitting it For CHRIST!! Check it out!
You Just Lost One!!

Now the last rule for the last day of the Year!

Rule 10

Everybody have a Happy New Year!! Im praying for all my friends and family, and I hope you all have a safe celebration and be mindful of the things you engage in that arent pleasing to our LORD!! Accidents dont happen on purpose!!

Lately I been thinking about being a parent, more than ever. I was blessed with the gift of parenthood , I have two wonderful children that I dearly love. When I became a parent I willingly made the decision to take responsibility to raise and eventually be accountable to God for my children, and let me tell you that this is serious business. So serious that I see it this way, whatever I do that isnt beneficial to my kids, I ought not to engage in it. When we took on the choice to have our children, that God so graciously entrusted us with, I made the decision to set aside my pleasures, if they compromise the well being of our kids. For instance I will not expose my kids to Liquor (Beer, Wine, Alcohol, I dont drink anyway, I have been clean for ten years now) if I don't want them to drink when they become older. Dont get me wrong, if they decide to drink that is on them, however, I wont be responsible for exposing them to it. Besides that I believe that many of us will pass on to our children a mixed message, telling them one thing, and practicing another. Can you imagine how confusing that is to a child?? I know, that was the message that was relayed to me as a buck, "Dont Drink, its bad for you!" meanwhile the very same person telling me this is chugging away and appearing to enjoy themselves, and all along the kids in their mind is thinking like this "thats not good for me but its ok for my dad, my uncle, my grandpa, my cousin, not only that but it looks like that juice they are drinking tastes so good???" What a mixed message that is?? Confusing if you ask me. The holiday season makes me think of these things, but I struggle more than anything, cause I want to spend time with my family, but at the same time I dont want my kids to get a mixed message from people who "so call" love them. Smell me? See when we love someone we dont jeopardize them, and to me those kind of actions demonstrate love!!

I will talk more on this in the near future, but for now chew on this. It will truly be a serious day before God that day, giving an account for all that He has entrusted me with, and just to name a few: My wife, My Family, My Kids, Our finances, Our thoughts, our actions, and above all all, these things reflect my attitude towards God. This is where the rubber meets the road. Father Forgive me, and have MERCY on me LORD!!

Happy New Year once again!

I love ya all, Happy 2008!!

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