Thursday, December 20

Sorry I was so busy I didnt Post Yesterday!! Here's Rule 6!! Linus knows what Christmas is about, what happened to the World we live in TODAY???

Rule 6

Here's Linus with an accurate definition of What Christmas is all about??

What happened to this kind of representation of the Gospel?? Why have we resorted to such a time where we cant even saw Jesus?? Charlie Brown cartoons were more bold and blunt than our average Believer today?? Think about that, and in the meantime make sure that if you have kids you buy him/her a copy of It's a CHarlie Brown Christmas. The funny thing is that they still show this on TV and they dont edit Linus' scene?? Hmmm, makes me think!

Some Spurgeon on Open Air Preaching for ya!!

Open Air Preaching
The [street] preachers needed to have faces set like flints, and so indeed they had. John Furz says, "As soon as I began to preach, a man came forward and presented a gun at my face; swearing that he would blow my brains out if I spoke another word. However, I continued speaking and he continued swearing, sometimes putting the muzzle of the gun to my mouth, sometimes against my ear. While we were singing the last hymn, he got behind me, fired the gun, and burned off part of my hair."

After this, my brethren, we ought never to speak of petty interruptions or annoyances. The proximity of a blunderbuss in the hands of a son of Belial is not very conducive to collected thought and clear utterance.

See ya !!

WON Hundred

Hey I added after the fact, I thought it was appropriate considering the times, and I know we all know someone who is in the military!! Enjoy and Pray for them!!

See ya again!


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