Thursday, January 24

An explanation of Election and "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" (Super Trailer)

Mark Driscoll explains election through an illustration that I believe truly defines the essence of Election. This clip is truly a MUST WATCH!!

All I can say after that is Thank You Jesus!!

Please watch this Trailer, its absolutely inpediment that we support such a cause as this, after all it represents the TRUTH!! It will exposed the worlds thinking and popular frame of thinking!! Its 7 minutes long, but well worth it!!

Please support this film, it will challenge and truly place things in Biblical perspective!

This is what I call DUMBING DOWN THE GOSPEL!! My question for you is "Do you think this is really necessary??" Teen are a lot brighter than this in my Opinion!! This is also condoning shows such as the spoof "Jerry Springer"! If you ask me this is terrible and just plain sacrilegious, borderline Blasphemy!
Watch it and Weep! Stick to the Gospel, Present it and and Invite! Dont bumb it down!
Jerry Stringer Show

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And now for some Spurgeon!
Stubborn Sinners
There are men who cannot be convinced or persuaded; they doubt everything, and with closed teeth they resolve not to believe, though a man declare it to them. They are encased in the armor of prejudice, and they cannot be wounded with the sharpest arrows of argument, though they profess great openness to conviction. What is to be done with the numerous clan who are related to Mr. Obstinate? You might as well argue with an express-train as with Mr. Obstinate: he runs on, and will not stop, though a thousand should stand in his way. Will the words of God convince him? There are some in this place today of whom I should have said, if I had known them before their conversion, that it was a vain task to preach the gospel to them; they so much loved sin, and so utterly despised the things of God. Strangely enough, they were among the first to receive the Word of God when they came under the sound of it. It came to them in its native majesty, in the power of the Holy Ghost; it spoke with a commanding tone to their inmost heart; it threw open the doors that had long been shut up and rusted on their hinges, and Jesus entered to save and reign. These, who had defiantly brandished their weapons, threw them down and surrendered unconditionally to almighty love, willing believers in the Lord Jesus. Brethren, we have only to have faith in God’s Word, and speak it out straight, and we shall see proud rebels yielding. No mind is so desperately set on mischief, so resolutely opposed to Christ, that it cannot be made to bow before the power of the words of God. Oh that we used more the naked sword of the Spirit! I am afraid we keep this two-edged sword in a scabbard, and somewhat pride ourselves that the sheath is so elaborately adorned. What is the use of the sheath? The sword must be made bare, and we must fight with it, without attempting to garnish it. Tell forth the words of God. Omit neither the terrors of Sinai, nor the love-notes of Calvary. Proclaim the word with all fidelity, as you know it, and cry for the power of the Highest, and the most obstinate sinner out of Hell can be laid low by its means. The Holy Spirit uses the word of God: this is his one battering-ram with which he casts down the strongholds of sin and self in those human hearts with which he effectually deals. The Word of God will bear the tests furnished by the hardness of the natural heart, and it will by its operations prove its divine origin.




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