Thursday, January 10

Old CrossMovement Interview!!

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Sin Still Remembered by God
Come down from your high places and see the horrible pit in which you lie by nature. Think of your past lives, I pray you, of those days in which you found pleasure in walking after the flesh. I call on you to remember the sins of your youth, and your former transgressions of thought, word, and deed. If they are shut out who defile, and are defiled, where are you? where are you? For these sins of ours, though they were committed years ago, are none the less sinful today; they are as fresh to God as if we perpetrated them this very moment. You are still red-handed, O sinful man, though your crime was worked some twenty years ago. You are black, O sinner, still, though it be fifty years ago that your chief sin was committed; for time has no bleaching power upon a crimson sin. The guilt of an old offense is as fresh as though it were wrought but yester-morn.

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