Wednesday, February 15

Hallelujah!!! Rejoice with me Familia!! Lio's Home!!

Hey Peoples!!
I want to take a few moments to recognize and set the background for why I'm Rejoicing!! The set for my conversion to Christianity was totally orchestrated by the Mighty Hand of God!! There were alot of people involved in the plan, whether they knew it or not! One of my Good friends had converted to Christianity in 1996 or so, his name is Charlie, and along with him one of my cousins (Ivan) seemed to follow, around this time my sister Alicia, was in Guatemala and she received the Lord into her life. Along the way, I was preparing by reading different kinds of literature from the occult, to different religions and agnosticism (the study of knowledge). The reason I sought and was inntrigue by these types of literature, first, I didn't believe in God, and my exposure to anything of God was Catholicism, and every time I went to a Catholic church, I was bored to death and hated every moment of it. I didn't see the point in it, and couldn't understand why anyone could enjoy the Mass. Being that I couldn't see God or feel God, I rejected any concept of it, and to me it was a cop out, to my dismay I cursed God. So when all these people around me were converting, and so called found the "Truth", I was preparing to combat their faith, negate their faith, and provoke doubt in their own faith. Little did I know that there was a greater purpose behind all this exposure. Which brings me to the joy I am currently feeling.
In 1997, I met a bunch of great guys who corporately welcomed me into their home, I had been jumping from home to home, and from bad experience to the next. I left my mom's house sometime in 1993 or so, and I had went through a bunch of different living situations, I lived with my grandma for a few, moved in with different roommates plenty of times. Along the way, having no sense of purpose was a common feeling, depression and psychological dysfunction was my diagnose. I was self medicating myself with Drugs, Alcohol, Girls, and the Night Life. I was working as a club promoter, and held a job at JC Penneys.

So I moved in with these guys, Sammy, Carlos and Lio, back to Yonkers, Linden Ave. At the time I lived in Mt.Vernon in a temporary living situation with this guy named Carlos different than the Carlos I will talk about later (Thank you Carlos wherever you are for sheltering me when I was in need), cause I had a fall out with my prior roommate, who didn't tell me we were getting evicted till a day before we had to leave. I worked at Jc Penneys, and Sammy worked in the same mall Jc Penneys was in, I was talking to the dude and briefly commented on my situation and he offered for me to move in with him and his nephews, Carlos and Lio. I accepted, and of course I paid my share of rent there, they had a three bedroom apartment, I took the living room. I can truly say that my experience with these dudes was unique, these guys had a history of growing up in the church (Pentecostal), what was I getting myself into, I didnt know? Carlos and Lio were brothers, and they were extremely talented (still are) they were musically gifted, and they had this pain, agony and dissatisfaction inside of themselves, they knew something I didnt. Anyhow, they had these songs they did that really hit home with me, they rapped, but it was a unique style something I never heard before, the lyrics were all about pain, and the vainity of this world. To a certain extent I can relate with what they singing and rapping about, they had a few songs called "Why it Happens," "Meaningless," and "Certain Evil." I can relate to these because it expressed a need for purpose, a sense of reality for me at the time, and to this day these songs still minister to me, they are very thought provoking. I forgot to mention that Carlos, Lio and myself, were constantly under the influences of pharmaceuticals (Drugs, ok!,) alcohol, "Demons" and chicks. Another detail I left out, while we had these deep theological and phylosophical dialogues under the medication of our drugs of choice, there were Bibles all over the house, let me tell you we had some serious mood altering sessions, all that we got from our conversations was pain, and I didn't understand why I was feeling this way. Little did I know!
We were soon on our way to hell, great!! In this time living with Sammy & Company, I was confronted with the reality of what God truly meant to some people, and the mood one can be suffering when they forsake God, all this was very untangible to me, yet I somewhat related, even though I had never acknowledge God as my Savior. I remember Carlos and Lio, telling me that I was called, and that I had an understanding that far perceeded that of just anyone. I thought that the Bible was just a book like any other, and I had a good understanding of what I read. Anyhow, we indelved in occult practices, more drugs, and practiced alot of dirt. Our apartment became such a den of darkness, it was evident that we were not right. To our advantage, we established a tight bond with each, after all we all understood each other. It was a sad situation, we had invited the forces of darkness to move in and we were suffering the consequences. Truly no glory to our lifestylees, but I made longlasting relationships with a bunch of guys that to this day, I hold dear to my life. Lio was a soft spoken, smart, excellent understanding of the Bible and talented young fellow, awesome voice sang and rapped. He was caught up, and it was evident. Carlos was the oldest of the brothers, had a tremendous gift for rapping, singing, and lyrics. This dude can provoke the most controversial verse and flip it. I truly enjoyed their company and dialogue. After living with these dudes for 4 or so months, I decided that I couldn't live in this state (literal, in both ways) any longer and so I moved to Florida, and the rest will be continued tomorrow!

As for details I will get into tomorrow, I'm rejoicing because Lio was incarcerated and in prison, he rededicated his life to Jesus. He is dead serious about this new walk, and God is in control. Well Lio was recently released from jail, PRAISE GOD!! I had been praying for my brother for a long time, and he is FREE!! In every sense of the word!!

LIO WELCOME HOME!!! I sent your brother my Phone number, Call me today!!
This is for you specifically, and to all an encouragement:

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Be Encouraged Familia!!! Do your thing LIO!! PRAISE HIM!!

Holla at me fam, check out LIO's comment, check yesterday's posting and comments!!

Greet my Brother, and welcome him back home!!

One, Les!


Alicia said...

Ahhhhhh, Stop it the suspense!!! We want more Les!!! lol.

Love you, Alicia

AliveinChrist said...

I often reflect upon those times and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his unexplainable mercy upon us. We could of died physically(messing with occult things), and were at the time spiritually dead. Yet, in the midst of all this confusion God had a mighty plan which noone could stop or prevent. Praise the Almighty God!!

Lester Diaz said...

AMEN!!! Los, hey you got my number?

Yo, Alicia You visited us at that crib, yo Los remember my sister she stayed with us at the crib on Linden Ave???


MERCY MERCY MERCY is the theme of my LIFE!!

Alicia said...

Man Lester this is bugging me out everything you're talking about it's like going down memory lane yo!!!!
People all this is real and there's more to come wait till he gets to the Florida I have to say anything that involves my name, is not true!! lol. I'm kidding. I'm really enjoying this not only because the outcome of it all is glorious but because I think it tells all of our stories, stories of pain,sorrow,loss. No matter what backround or culture everyone can relate to these and I just wanna say Les keep it comin'

Your sis, Alice

Teresa said...

This is awesome. Welcome home Lio. This is so awesome. God is so good. Jim Baker said when he went to prison he didn't take it as a punishment but God having mercy on his life. He was able to get to know the true God in prison. (I paraphrased his Words I don't know them exactly). You see he still loved God all the way no matter what he did the problem was he stopped FEARING GOD. So as for Lio what an awesome thing Prison was a gift of life for him. I pray the Lord will use him mightly. Les thanks for your words. Its crazy cause because everytime you speak on you its as if though thats exactly what its all about your testimony. May the Lord continue to give you the words as you share with us. Its beyond just us. Because depression, struggles all that stuff is so real. My friend just killed himself Saturday night. And that is so hard. His wake is thursday and friday. We are praying for Gods glory to shine in the funeral. God bless you I love you.

Lester Diaz said...

I'm going to pray for the family of your friend whom passed, I hope this is a means by which they can come to know Him as He wants them to know Him!! Praise Him! Who can say of the Lord "I know what He is doing, or that He is predictable?" No one, let us be a living testimony to that! God is truly amazing, and His wonders are life drawing! See ya tom!

AliveinChrist said...

Hey all! God bless!
Yeah Les, I remember your sister! May God continue to bless her through the abundance of all spiritual blessings...
As for Teresa, I am sorry to hear the tragic news about your friend. I pray not only for her family but that you also may be comforted in this turbulent situation. Solemnly, we know that life here on earth is but a mist; here one day and gone the next. Thankfully, we can learn to value the limited time we have here to encourage, care and share with one another. May God give you the strength, serenity, and wisdom to be able to comfort your friend's family.

ps.Les, can u give me that # again pls? My comp has been acting up... =/

Alex said...

Les, When you tell your story don't forget to mention your situation with Crazy Rob in Miami. LOL

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