Thursday, February 16

Today! I wont be continuing yesterdays Blog...

But I will continue tomorrow, today for some odd reason is a busy day at my job. It's payday, hey!

But I will say this, I will be talking about my experiences in Florida, Miami, Ft, Lauderdale (The Beach where I banged up my sister's car), I will tell you about Crazy Rob, about Jenny, about the Hyper Pentecostal store front Church she went to, about the crazy nights I had out there, and job, and car and apartment over there!! And why I came back, and why my life ia no longer the way it was before I left Miami! Ha!

Have a good one, be safe, and stay away from monkey grease!

One, Les!

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Alicia said...

Les,Crazy Rob is a story in itself make sure you elaborate on that completely!!!! I look forward to this!! Also call dad he's leaving to honduras today.Have a happy long weekend everyone, for those of you that have off.

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