Monday, February 13

I'm going to move my Blog here, it is a bit better and more appealing than, hope you guys like it!

Now on to business!

Hey, we got burried up here in the North!! We must have gotten anywhere between 1.5-2 feet of snow! I love it, I hope we get more snow, Ha Ha Bryant!! You get no snow!! Ha Ha!

Anywayz, I have been really good, Oh, I gotta confess before I get ratted on, I have been cheating on my diet, yesterday I got a Phone call form my good friend Alex, and as I was talking to him, I was eating this AWESOME cheesecake that was sent to us from New York, I mean this cheesecake was soooo awesome, I wish I would've brought some to work, and my boy is like yo you liar, I thought you were on a diet, and the truth is that I have said anything on the Blog about my diet lately, because I havent been completely faithful to it, but I try I really do. Anyhow, Im enjoying this cheesecake and he says I thought you were on a diet, and Im like Bro, this cheesecake is sooo good, I cant resist, and he was like yo Im gonna rat you out tomorrow, so here I am fessing up before I gett ratted on!! I'll get you CHIN!! You'll see, wink wink!!

I have been so intrigue by U2 lately, and I have been doing alot of research and really looking into Bono's faith, and I found out that this guy is trully a converted, Born Again Christian. His views and concepts aren't exactly traditional or persay common Christian views, but I really like that. I truly agree with everything he does, and practices. His focus is on some very basic, yet practical Biblical concepts and principles, that I can't say that we as a Christian communtiy truly neglect. Some of the few things he (Bono) is involved in for example are as the following: AIDS research and aid, and Feeding the poverished. He has a great relationship with our President, who is also Born Again. Bono shared a Homily (Sermon) at a faith based Breakfast with political figures and co. (I will send the link, please check it out) and it was solid truthes and solid burdens, I believe that as Christians if we want to be heard more we are going to have to put our money where our mouth is, some Preach it, but no fruit, others preach and are doers!! I want to be a DOER!!

Check out the links, truly awesome stuff, the first one is a synopsis of the breakfast, keep scrolling down their is a transcript of the sermon Bono shared! I will be sending stuff on U2, here and there so expect them, aight, see ya layta!!

Click Here>>>

Oh, one more thing, I'm also attaching a link to a movie that is coming out, and this movie is limited screenings, so try to find where they will be showing this movie and support PLEASE!!!! This movie wont be shown near me, so if you can check it GO!


Holla back!!


AliveinChrist said...

Hello Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ!
I thought i'd make my first guest appearance, and show some love 2 Brother Lester's page...=)
Hopefully you and your family are well Les. I missed u bro! We have a lot of catching up 2 do maaaann.
First, I must admit life has been very difficult these last few months. Ever since I decided 2 come out of the local congregations and work outside of the "local church environment"(eyebrows raise), my family and friends have basically cast me out of their presence. I can't help but to be faithful to what I believe the Bible is teaching.
We can read carefully how God punished ancient Israel for their unfaithfulness and many high places(idols,etc). We can compare scripture with scripture and see how Jesus warned the church at Ephesus(approximately 1500 yrs ago)to repent, or he would remove their candlestick. The church at Sardis was already called a "dead" church. It is also imperative that we consider the many false doctrines of the modern day "Christian churches" which all claim the Christian banner. Unfortunately, since they all disagree with each other we can conclude that something is seriously wrong. Would God really talk through two sides of his mouth? Absoulutely not.
Which leads me to the final conclusion. Lester, I believe the modern day church establishment has become apostate. We are carefully studying this matter and completely trusting in the guidance and comfort which is in Christ. Currently, my Bro(Lio) and I are holding simple Bible studies with anyone who is hungry for the word. It is definitely evident that we are living the times mentioned in Amos 8:11-12:

Behold(listen up!),the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:
And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.

AliveinChrst said...

ps. nice blog page! =)

Lester Diaz said...

What up Los, I am so glad you got to post, I covet your comments, challenge, and thought provoking words. Fam, I definitely agree with you, honestly I do, I am called to pastor and with that calling there is alot to lose, right? I also believe God has gifted me withthe ability to cultivate relationships, I believe Jesus was a "master" at relationships, and with that said He was a friend to the greatest "sinners" persay, of their times. Was He close with the saduccees? Pharissees, and scribes? Not really, He condemned their practices, and embraced the prostitutes and thieves of the day.

Carlos, give me a call I will e-mail you my contact AGAIN!! Holla at me bro, I love you and I want to chit chat with you, AND LIO!! He there? Yo, I gotta talk to him!!! Holla!!

Aliveinchrist said...

Yes brother Les, Lio is out! Well, actually he's in a halfway house in Newark, but he has way more freedom. He is doing excellent spiritually and looks great! He would appreciate speaking 2 u as soon as u throw us ur numba, being that I lost it(!) Love u B Les...Peace

guess who? said...

Hey Brother Les!!!
It's me Lio! God bless you my
dear bro. Wow it's been a looong time. Praise God I've been loosed from the pit of despair. I'm looking foward to seeing you and chatting w u. I love this new life in Christ out here, although the animals are not exactly crawling all over me as I had anticipated. I guess I was expecting the reversal of the curse of sin too soon,lol. I am blessed in all ways and lack nothing. I'm praying for you and your family and can't wait to share Christ w u. May the LORD be with you. Talk to you lata bro.

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