Monday, November 26

Holy Hip Hop on YouTube

This was featured on YouTube's Featured Section, Jesus glorifying Hip Hop getting some shine on mainstream! Here it goes>>>

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Now for some Master.

Too busy to stop and eat?
The Way of the Master Radio
The Way of the Master Radio - Drive Thru

Now back to our scheduled programing:

The Enemies of the Gospel
Christ has many enemies still in the world. The Pope, the Antichrist of Rome, with all his doctors and counselors, assemble at this very hour — the incarnate Antichrist — at this present moment. And here in this England of ours there are priests busy up and down, in every court and lane, in every corner of the land, and our clergy of the Established Church, many of them double-dyed Papists, doing the work of Rome and eating the bread of a Protestant Church at the same time. And then there is infidelity, seeking all it can to make its converts, with a zeal which were commendable if it were used for a right purpose. They compass sea and land to make proselytes, and shame the coldness of many professed followers of Christ. The enemies of Christ are very many. The Church is very feeble, yea, she is like a reed shaken by the wind. Without her Lord, she is less than nothing — like chaff in the whirlwind. But, oh! let us pray that he may be blessed who cometh in the name of the Lord by the scattering of all his enemies, by the putting down of spiritual wickedness in high places, and giving the victory to the truth and to the gospel — that which saves — putting to flight that which destroys before that which purifies — scattering that which defiles before that which glorifies God, annihilating that which blasphemes his holy name.

OOOHH, Im still chewing ya!


Won, Les

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