Monday, November 19

Some People's Eyes

This is Les with his feathers!

This is Scilly with her feathers!! My lil Indian!

Whats good? Im chilling had a good weekend of ministry, my wife joined me this weekend at youth group, it was definitely awesome, she gotta definitely do this more often!! I havent gotten personal in a while, and I feel its time for me to start opening up like a book, like I did when I first started this Blog. So in the next few weeks I will be getting real personal. Not just for the fans, Just kidding, but so that my life can be an open testimony to all. I started this Blog with that purpose in mind, and I strayed from doing so. So expect tears, heart wrenching and challenging talk in the very near future.

Now, I want to say that Im not one to glorify any man, but God alone. I saw a clip of this well known Hip Hop Artist, breaking down right before the start of one of his show while on tour. His mom died while on tour, and I pray that this man will be ministered to in this hard time of his life. I dont know what it is to lose a close family member, but I practically lost half my family to a tragedy in our family, that felt like death, my grandmother stroke left her as a different person, with no speech. With that said here's the clip, and afterwards read the nuggets below it!! Love ya! C'Ya soon! Oh you can read and visit my first entries to this blog on the right side are the archives. Oh, and this clip is of Kanye West. Pray for him, I hope we can call on Jesus in this trying time!

Some People's Eyes

I shall never forget one summer afternoon, when I was preaching in a village chapel about the joys of Heaven, that an elderly lady sitting on my right kept looking to me with intense delight. Some people's eyes greatly help the preacher. A telegraph goes on between us. She seemed to say to me, "Bless God for that. How I am enjoying it!" She kept drinking in the truth, and I poured out more and more precious things about the eternal kingdom and the sight of the Well beloved, till I saw what I thought was a strange light pass over her face. I went on, and those eyes were still fixed on me. She sat still as a marble figure, and I stopped and said, "Friends, I think that yon sister over there is dead." They said that it was even so, and they bore her away. She had gone. While I was telling of Heaven, she had gone there; and I remember saying that I wished that it had been my case as well as hers. It was better not, perhaps, for many reasons; but oh, I did envy her! I am always looking for the day when I shall see her again. I shall know those eyes, I am sure I shall.

This isn't your typical happy meal.

Hey babe if you read this>>> I Love you!!

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