Wednesday, November 28

Preaching Christ and Him Crucified, Generational Curses??

Generational Curses, do they exist?
Written by Zacchaeus

Illnesses are just constructs from our depraved lives after the fall of man. After Adam and Eve sinned, God said your lives would be short upon the earth (Genesis 2:17, 3:15-17). So not only do we grow old and die but we get sick and illnesses were cast upon us. It's just another way for God to get our attention and to focus back to Him. It's not necessarily a curse, but in a sense, it is from the fall. We are cursed to die, the means are numerous though. But thank God we can have life in Christ, even in the midst of our illness. He can even get glory because of it, end up focusing on Him and for Him to provide, maybe not healing, but redemption of our soul and a testimony to others of what God can do, even in our state. Grace and peace.

I like that, we tend to credit the devil for every affliction upon us, yet forget to remember that Job was suggested to satan by the Lord Himself, and therefore He is in control of all. The devil has no victory in our lives, but we really dont believe that, otherwise we wouldn't be crediting every negative situation to him.

Preaching Christ

She is a traitor to the Master who sent her if she is so beguiled by the beauties of taste and are as to forget that to "preach Christ... and Him crucified" is the only object for which she exists among the sons of men. The business of the Church is salvation of souls.

The soul purpose of the Church!

C, Ya!


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