Tuesday, November 20

Sho Baraka Dropped Today!! Go Support!!

Sho Baraka's Turn My Life Up dropped today, go support click on the link below >>>

or go to WWW.3HMP3.com and purchase the MP3 digital music!
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You can sample all the songs on the CD here! Click on Details, and then on the speaker symbol. Make sure you check "Oh my Lord", "Maranatha", and "Catch me at the Brook."

Today's Spurgeon as follows:

Preaching--a Matter of Life and Death

Preaching the gospel is to us a matter of life and death; we throw our whole soul into it. We live and are happy if you believe in Jesus and are saved. But we are almost ready to die if you refuse the gospel of Christ.

Praise the Lord! Life and Death, thats da truth right there!! Thats why we rejoice! Now go chew on that, make it your motto, maybe you can be used!!


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